b'stream option through social media and we worked with a third party who specializes in livestreaming tours and content. That company also promoted the livestream tour through their own channels, but the livestream itself was hosted on our YouTube channel. To our de-light, we were able to welcome guests from all over the world to be aboard while we circumnavigated the island on some of our special one-off tours. One of the climate change livestream tours was record-ed and archived on our YouTube channel to be viewed by anyone. We are looking to expand our livestreaming offerings this year with such experiences as an excursion during the Macys Fourth of July fire-works display or our tours to Freshkills Park, a major land-reclama-tion project on Staten Island in New York City. The current plan is to offer the livestreaming of tours for free as a means to increase access to unique, and often times cost-prohibitive, on-the-water cultural experiences. Hopefully this garners an audience of future travelers, but at the very least it is a significant win for accessibility. It also is a part of our plan to continue developing our YouTube channel, which is a priority for us. Influencer cultivation continues to be another top initiative for us. For 2023, we are hoping to explore some third-party support in gen-erating new influencer contacts. We want to steer clear of pay-to-play content and prefer to court influencers to be aboard our tours, follow up with them to create a rapport and ongoing relationship that is revisited seasonally, and explore developing them into affiliates or re-sellers if it fits their online guidelines. Expanding our reseller program has been huge for us and we have a staff member who is almost en-tirely dedicated to building and maintaining these relationships with PHOTOS COURTESY OF CLASSIC HARBOR LINEClockwise from top left: Ariel Viera of Urbanist Cities leads a tour; switching to Cup Zero helped Classic Harbor Line eliminate 24,000 cups from landfills last year; building partnerships with influencers like Sarah Funk is a priority for 2023; the livestream of the Climate Change Tour is archived on the companys YouTube channel and can also be viewed on their Instagram account. 9 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023'