b'FOGHORN FOCUSMarketing Strategies for 2023SARAH PENNINGTON // CLASSIC HARBOR LINEH ere at Classic Harbor Line in New York City, we are reallyguide for these voyages has been conducting our English version of excited about our 2023 marketing plans. Last year, we triedthe tour and therefore has in-depth knowledge of the material being a few things almost on a whim, and based on the results ofpresented and the locations discussed. At least one crew member on these endeavors we know we can go all in on a number of them. Somethese tours speaks Spanish to round out the experience for guests, of our key strategies from 2020 through 2022 have also been goinghelping to explain safety instructions and communicate announce-strong and we will continue to build on those as well. ments from the captain. Weve found that a number of the passen-gers embarking on the Spanish-language tours understand English, Accessibility and environmental initiatives were two themes of note forbut may feel more comfortable listening to this content in Spanish. us last year. We added a Spanish-language version for our architectureOther guests have had out-of-town visitors who speak only Spanish. tour and we experimented with livestreaming for a few of our tours.The promotion of these tours has also led to requests for private Both of these found fresh audiences and new ways of reaching people.Spanish-language tours from organizations such as visiting students In 2023, we are planning a more steady schedule of both.groups from South America. The Spanish-language architecture tour is currently offered once aFor livestreaming, we started this fall with our Climate Change Tour week and has been promoted across Spanish-language media in thewhich had special guest speakers and themes in recognition of the New York City area such as Telemundo and Univision. Our tourten-yearanniversaryofHurricaneSandy.Wepromotedthelive-FOGHORN 8'