b'COAST GUARD REPORTCOAST GUARD New Maritime Cybersecurity Assessment& Annex GuideT he U.S. Coast Guard recently releasedstakeholder feedback reflected a desire for con- quired to adhere to any specific guidance and theMaritimeCybersecurityAssess- tinued development of guidance and supportmay use whatever guidance or tools best meet ment&AnnexGuide(MCAAG),fromtheCoastGuard.MCAAGoffersantheir needs, so long as the regulatory require-which will help Maritime Transportation Se- additional resource for MTSA-regulated facil- ments are met.curityAct(MTSA)-regulatedfacilitiesandities to enhance and expand on their current other Marine Transportation System (MTS)efforts as they continually assess cyber risksTheMCAAGcanbefoundontheCoast stakeholders address cyber risks. This volun- and vulnerabilities. Guards Office of Port and Facility Compli-tary guide serves as a resource for baseline cy- ance page. bersecurityassessments,plandevelopment,This guide will not influence Captain of the and continued improvement of existing plans,Port (COTP) review of FSPs submitted forAdditional resources associated with cyberse-particularly the Facility Security Assessmentsapproval.MTSAregulatedfacilitieswhocurity within the MTS can also be found on (FSA)andFacilitySecurityPlans(FSP)re- have already submitted their FSP cyber annexthe CG Office of Port and Facility Compliance quired by MTSA.or addendum to the Coast Guard may decidepage, such as the newly revised Facility Inspec-to use the MCAAG to help review effective- tor Cyber Job Aid, as well as on the CG CY-Previously, the Coast Guard released Naviga- ness of their FSA, confirm identified vulner- BER Maritime Cyber Readiness Branch page. tion and Vessel Inspection Circular (NVIC)abilities, and make further enhancements toFor more local guidance, stakeholders shouldWITH EPA TIER 4,01-20:GuidelinesforAddressingCybertheir FSP. engage via their COTP with their closest Coast Risks at Maritime Transportation System ActGuard Area, District, or Sector MTS Specialist (MTSA) Regulated Facilities, which providedThe MCAAG was developed in collaboration Cyber (MTSS-C).voluntary guidance to MTSA-regulated facil- withmaritimeindustrystakeholders,MTSTo submit feedback on the Maritime CyberAS ALWAYSity owners and operators on complying withand Coast Guard subject matter experts. The requirements to assess, document and addressinformation in this guide is intended to assistAssessment&AnnexGuide(MCAAG),or computer system and network vulnerabilities.stakeholders in meeting requirements, but thequestions related to cybersecurity pertaining to Theinitialincorporationofcybersecurityauthority to accept and/or approve an FSAMTSA-regulated facilities or the MTS at large, into required FSAs and FSPs was due by Oct.and/orFSPremainswiththeCOTP.Like- contact LCDR Kelley Edwards at (202) 795- YOUR BUSINESS IS 1, 2022. During the implementation phase,wise, facility owners and operators are not re- 6908 or Kelley.C.Edwards@uscg.mil.OUR BUSINESS.ADVERTISERS INDEXABB Marine, Inc. 35 Furuno USA, Inc. . 25 Rigidized Metals Corporation 19All American Marine . 32 Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding. 34 RocketRez .5Arcadia Alliance . 23Hamilton Jet . 10 Rose Point 11 We develop new propulsion systems that make your vessels cleaner and BAE Systems 11 Humphree USA . 25 R.W. Fernstrum Co 37 stronger at the same time. So you can transport more passengers on the worlds Bay Ship and Yacht. 16 IMTRA Corporation 22 Scania USA . 33 most regulated waters. Whatever your needs, we provide solutions that work.Beurteaux 39 Incat Crowther 37 The Shearer Group, Inc. 17BRIX Marine . 38 John Deere Power Systems 26 Starboard Suite 36Burger Boat Company 33 Kongsberg 20 Thrive Payments . 17Carus Cruise Inc 21 Marine Jet Power 24 Twin Disc, Inc. 23Caterpillar Marine . 30 MCM/Assured Partners 34 UES Seating 38Crowley 18 Metal Shark . 28 Volvo Penta 2Cummins Sales & Service .6 mtuA Rolls Royce solution . 41 Yanmar . 29DeJong and Lebet . 17 Newfront . 10Flagship Marine Inc 25 Passenger Vessel Foundation 27www.mtu-solutions.com FOGHORN 40'