b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTAT THE HELM Marketing Your Membershipin PVA Is a Valuable Selling PointBOB BIJUR // PRESIDENTT odays marketing techniques are very different from the printedresources, relationships, and other benefits that ultimately sell one on ads that appeared in newspapers, periodicals, and yellow pages.joining our association. Once in, members find many other benefits It is almost unbelievable to think about how long it took to de- that they did not expect. This is the core strength of PVA. sign, lay out, typeset, print, and distribute your finished brochure and that this would most likely be your main marketing tool for the yearIt has been a great honor to serve as PVAs president over the past year. or longer. In todays world you can design and redesign a marketingI have gained a new level of respect and admiration for our staff. They campaign in a fraction of the time. Our marketing reach using technol- genuinely embrace our core values in everything they do, from honor-ogy is incredibly broad, unbelievably versatile, and very targeted. Theing the mariner, to treating the membership with empathy and under-capability to adapt to trends instantly, to communicate through socialstanding, as well as professionally representing PVA member interests media platforms, and to embed the visual experience into the processat all levels of government. through high-definition pictures and videos is truly amazing.The year has flown by. I would like to thank PVA past presidents Col-As members of Passenger Vessel Association we are fortunate to beleen Stephens and Bob Lawler for their unwavering support and guid-able to leverage the benefits and tools that are available through ourance. They both contributed continuity and confidence throughout membership to strengthen our own companies brands. PVAs repu- my term. Jim Swindler, your incoming president, and I have developed tation for advocating safety transfers to each member and in turn toa special connection as we are working through similar vessel challeng-their marketing as a safe operator. This is a very important detail as wees and through our work as members of the PVA Executive Commit-market ourselves to the public. Our membership also gives us valuabletee. Jim is a tremendous leader as he is both approachable and smart. I access to a wide network of individuals and companies, PVA associatehave also had the privilege of getting to know Pat Murphy who is the members, who provide the valuable products and services that allow usincoming vice president. Pat Murphy has deep roots in the passenger to operate safely and efficiently.vessel industry and is extremely knowledgeable. Through my membership in PVA, I have been able to meet, engage, col- I could take up the entire magazine singing the praises of PVAs Execu-laborate, and interact with a committed group of professionals, vesseltive Director John Groundwater and the PVA staff. John is the overall owner operators, and associate member companies and their representa- go-to person who brings a smile when delivering both good and bad tives. Their dedication to our industry helps elevate and promote safetynews. He is rock-solid and committed. Thank you, John, for all you for our passengers, crew, employees, and their families. I cannot speakdone to help me during my presidency. for all, but I personally consider the importance of these things every time I purchase a product or service from another PVA member. TheirEd Welch, PVAs legislative director is a superhero in battling govern-affiliation with PVA gives me confidence and trust that I am dealingment red tape and pushing through legislative lifelines for all of us. His with professionals who have the same commitment to safety that I do.accomplishments are too many tolist, but his actions have resulted in positive outcomes for us in a wide range of make-or-break issues. We Our associations unwavering commitment to safety has resulted in theare forever indebted. development of a variety of highly-effective safety and training tools that members use directly in their operations. These training toolsEric Christensen, PVAs director of regulatory affairs and risk manage-were created with the input and guidance of highly-knowledgeablement, seems to be everywhere at once. Not only is he the person who PVA vessel and associate members. This important member partner- wrote the regulatory book that directs our industry, but he is the per-ship has contributed to the improvement of safety practices across theson teaching everyone how to read it. He is in total command of PVAs entire passenger vessel fleet and, as a result, has enhanced the credibil- risk management and regulatory advocacy efforts and remains ready ity of our industry and association. This credibility is critical to thefor all challenges. I encourage you to ask him to see his PVA score card success of PVAs advocacy work as we interact with federal legislatorsand I think you will be impressed.and regulators on behalf of members. Peter Lauridsen has been the pillar of PVAs regulatory work over many It is my experience that an association such as PVA, whose membersyears. He not only holds a treasure chest of knowledge about PVA, but openly share lessons learned with fellow members and that provides aalso of the U.S. Coast Guard. It is probably not a stretch to say that he warm and sincere welcome to new members, will benefit from a higherhas seen it all as both our industry and the Coast Guard have evolved. standard of quality and safety. The value of this type of interaction isWhat a wonderful person who is eager to advise and help. immeasurable. But what sparks ones interest in joining PVA? It might be an operational issue, a proposed regulation, or a legislative initia- Steve Bers is the lawyer you most want to speak with when you have tive. Or it might be a marketing or technical question. I believe it is thea legal question. He is the voice of the PVA Legal Hotline. Steve also Continued on page 29FOGHORN 4'