b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS FTA Grant Enables NY Waterwayto Upgrade Ferries With Hybrid Engines U .S. Senators Bob Menendez and Corywill be used to repower the propulsion systemsnificantly reduce fuel use and emissions, while Booker of New Jersey, announced aon up to four of NY Waterways ferry vesselsalso reducing engine noise and improving local $7.3 million in federal transportationfromconventionaldieselenginestohybridair quality near ferry terminals. grant that will help NY Waterway install thetechnologyandcanultimatelyhelpthem first hybrid engines in its ferry fleet. The grantconvert to all-electric. These upgrades will sig- The funding was awarded through the Fed-eral Transit Administration (FTA) Passenger Ferry Grant program with the support of NJ TRANSIT.Eachferryupgradeconsistsof removingallmainenginesandgenerators, and replacing them with two electric driven propulsionmotors,abatterybankof150 KW hours, and two smaller emergency gen-erators. This creates redundancy in the event of a power failure and a backup system in the Public Tickets &event of prolonged power outages, emergency evacuations, or any other event in which vessels Private Charters may be used in a capacity when charging may .together at last hinder efforts. In 2022, NY Waterway, a PVA member, an-nounced the first of six ferries had received a EFFORTLESSEFFORTLESS full engine retrofit to cut emissions, under a RESERVATIONS CONTRACTS separate program with NJ TRANSIT. With + TICKETING for Private Charters this recent announcement, up to 10 of NY for Public Cruises and Group Bookings Waterways ferries are now slated for upgrades thatwillmakethemgreener,quieter,and more efficient. Integrated online,Custom PDF contractsFerries are already a green way to take cars off phone and walk-upwith fully-trackable bookings versioning ourregionsbridges,tunnelsandroadways and this important funding means that now Automated conrmation,Support for privatetheyllbecomeevengreener,saidArmand reminder and follow-upcharters, schools andPohan, president and CEO of NY Waterway. emails tour groups Its always our mission to be a good neighbor and steward of the environment, and we are Marketing and SearchDetailed reports forgrateful to our partners at NJ TRANSIT, the Engine Optimizationevent planning andFTA, and Senators Menendez and Booker for (SEO) nancial tracking this program to upgrade more boats.Personalized set-up,Resource tracking for training and supportmulti-use inventoryincludedPHOTO COURTESY OF YANK MARINEManage your entire business from a single, integrated platformSCHEDULE A DEMOWWW.STARBOARDSUITE.COMFOGHORN 36'