b'MEMBER NEWSFincantieri Bay Shipbuilding to Build Service Operation Vessel for Crowley and PartnerF incantieriMarineGroup(FMG)has reached an agreement on a contract to constructa289-footserviceoperation vessel (SOV) for CREST Wind, a joint venture between Crowley and ESVAGT. The vessel will be built at Fincantieri Bay Ship-building(FBS)inSturgeonBay,Wis.,with support from Crowleys on-site construction management group, and is set to go into service in 2026. Crowley will manage and crew the SOV. Both Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding and Crowley are PVA members.The vessel will incorporate new technologies with a crew aided by digital tools that leverage their efficiency, safety, and productivity. The SOV is designed for comfort and workability,PHOTO COURTESY OF CROWLEYprovidingaworkspaceandsafetransferofABB Hybrid & Zero-Emission Solutionstechnicians at the windfarm via a motion-com-pensated gangway and transfer boats. It willABB Marine & Ports is making smart, safe, and sustainable solutions also offer recreational activities for the onboarda reality for ferries across the Americas.crew and technicians, including fitness facil- Learn more at: new.abb.com/marine ABBities, a game room, a cinema and individual accommodations for 80.35 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023'