b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS Major Refit of 34-Year-Old Ferry byGladding-Hearn ShipbuildingG ladding-HearnShipbuilding,Duclos Corporation,aPVAmember,has beenchosentoundertakeamajor refitofthe700-passengerferryBermudian for the government of Bermudas Marine and PortServices.Builtin1988,the118steel vessel completed the 635-mile crossing of the NorthAtlantic,toarriveattheSomerset, Mass., shipyard. With engineering and project management by Gladding-Hearn, the refit is scheduled for completion in mid-2023.Inadditiontohullrepairsandarepainting, a number items will be removed, repaired, or replaced. The vessels original twin main engines will be replaced with continuously rated Cater-pillar C-18, 600 Bhp, IMO Tier 2 diesel engines, along with new controls and monitoring sys-tems. With new enlarged shafts, seals, bearings, cooling and exhaust systems, the engines will be paired with new ZF W650 gear boxes to turn 5-bladed HS Marine Ni-Br-Al propellers. The repowered ferry will have a service speed of 12 INNOVATIVE.knots with a full load of passengers. Existing air controls at each of the three control stations will be replaced with ZF electronic controls. The UNIQUE.ALL AMERICAN MARINE original steering will be replaced with a new hydraulic system. Two new 99kW Caterpillar generators, with new mechanical and electrical PROVEN. support systems, will replace the existing 40kW gensets. In the engine room, a new clean agent fire-suppression system will be installed.Thepassengeraccommodationswillbere-newed or updated. The five passenger heads refreshed and the black and grey-water-holding capacity will be increased to comply with ze-ro-discharge requirements. In the main cabin, with seating for 150 passengers, the interior bulkheadswillberelinedandthecarpeting replaced. The cabin ceiling will be replaced, along with new LED lighting. A new 36,000 Btu air-conditioning system will replace the ex-isting HVAC.A new integrated audio/visual passenger information system will be installed in the passenger accommodation spaces, and a new CCTV security system will monitor the entire vessel from the wheelhouse. New electronics will feature a multi-functional ALLAMERICANMARINE.com display, linked to its radar and interfaced with the vessels existing AIS. The incandescent nav-Bellingham, WA | 360.647.7602 igation, flood and search lights will be replaced with new LED fixtures.Pictured: SWIFTSURE - A 150 Passenger, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran, custom built for Puget Sound ExpressFOGHORN 32'