b'MEMBER NEWSGlosten to Design Pilot Boats toPVA WelcomesMeet CARBNew MembersRegulationsN avalarchitectureandmarineengi- NEW VESSEL MEMBERSneering firm Glosten, a PVA mem- TOURSX, LLCber, has been engaged to design new station boats for the San Francisco Bar PilotsNILDA LANGSTONthat will meet California Air Resources BoardLong Beach, Calif. (CARB) emission requirements. theseaviewcruises.comCARBregulationslimitemissionsbelow what is required by the Environmental Pro-tection Agency (EPA) for Tier 4 and must beNEW ASSOCIATE MEMBERSmet for any vessel considered a harbor craft byCARBoperatinginharborandcoastalCONRAD SHIPYARD, LLCCalifornia waters. ROBERT SOCHAMorgan City, La.Glosten worked with San Francisco Bar Pi- conradindustries.comlots in 2007, providing engineering support and construction oversight of the third SanDERECKTOR SHIPYARDSFrancisco-class104-footpilotstationboatJUSTIN BEARDDrake.TheirsupportofthenewstationMamaroneck, N.Y.boats includes a propulsion feasibility study,derecktor.comwhich is currently underway, and a contract design package. HATTON MARINE & INDUSTRIAL REPAIR, INC.WearethrilledtobeworkingwithaMATT ZEITZlong-standing client who shares our commit- Seattle, Wash.ment to marine decarbonization, said Mor- hattonmarine.comgan Fanberg, president of Glosten. MM-SEASThe San Francisco Bar Pilots is slated to be theNATE GILMANfirst pilot association in California to acquireOlympia, Wash.vessels that will meet CARBs commercial har- mmseas.combor craft regulation. The first two station boats are expected to be in service by the end of 2024,RYPOS, INC.with the third in service by the end of 2025. ALECK DEL PRADOFranklin, Mass. rypos.com SINEX SOLUTIONSLESLEY RATHBUNSuperior, Wis.sinexsolutions.comIf you know of an organization that maybenefit from membership in PVA, please have themlearn more at passengervessel.com/#join.31 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2023'