b'REGULATORY REGULATORY REPORTRegulatory OveviewPETER LAURIDSEN // PVA REGULATORY AFFAIRS CONSULTANTE arly in each new year it seems appro- we have scheduled recurring conference callstionupdatingwilltriggeraneedforthe priate to try to anticipate and plan. Inand at least one in-person meeting. We can- committeetoreviewand,whennecessary, the case of our Regulatory Committee,not know what events, legislation, or regula- comment or inform our membership. We do knowfromadvancenoticesofrulemaking published over the past two years that we will likely get follow-on rulemaking steps this year. Rulemaking under the Administrative Proce-dures Act provides for a notice and comment process. The steps may include an advance The Trusted Source fornoticeofproposedrulemaking(ANPRM) Quality Systems wherein an agency is considering a rulemak-ing or has been directed by legislation and is seeking public comments on the appropriate-ness, scope, costs, and benefits of regulation. Dependingonthecommentsreceived,the agency may then draft a proposed rule (No-ticeofProposedRuleMakingorNPRM) that is offered for comment. The association has commented on the ANPRMs and notices published in the Federal Register. It is at this ANPRM/NPRMintervalonseveralissues that we may find our upcoming committee focus for 2023.U.S. COAST GUARD ANPRMSAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FOR PASSENGER VESSELSDocket USCG-2020-0123 The most significant impact issue in the AN-PRM category is the Coast Guards January 2021ANPRMonthelegislatively-directed requirement for safety management systems (SMS) on passenger vessels carrying a number of passengers to be determined by the Coast Guard. The ANPRM posed 22 questions that sought information on the prevalence of exist-ingSMSapplicationsonpassenger-carrying vessels,costsofimplementationandmain-tenance of an SMS, and by what parameters passenger vessels should be required to have an SMS, what standards should be incorporat-ed by reference, and similar information that could help in drafting an appropriate body of THRUSTERSLIGHTINGSEATINGDOORSTRIM CONTROLWIPERSCONTROLS passenger carrying vessel SMS regulation.PVA submitted a response. The PVA response was a joint effort that involved the Safety and Security Committee and the Regulatory Com-www.imtra.com 508.995.7000 mittee. When the NPRM is published, one of our tasks included in our overall evaluation will FOGHORN 22'