b'FOGHORN FOCUS The Right Medium For the MessageF or this months focus on sales and marketing, we reached out toOur approach starts with our guest. We want to understand their moti-City Experiences CMO and CRO Kristina Heney to learn howvations, where they gather information, and even who they will be bring-their company utilizes different types of marketing to reach theiring. Then, we take those insights and tailor our message, creative, and audiences. City Experiences connects people in multiple cities with amedia mix to those guests particularly. Starting with these data-driven range of cruises. They employ a similarly diverse array of marketinginsights allows us to match the best experience with the consumer.tools, from social media to environmental ads, to connect with guests and potential guests in each location. We discussed how strategies varyWe take that approach across all mediums while dialing up the emo-based on location, experience being promoted, and passenger data. tional engagement with our brands. For example, we might develop partnerships and a stronger social presence to increase our reach and There are multiple platforms for digital marketing ranging fromlean heavily into digital technology to drive personalized communica-email newsletters to ads on websites, from search engine optimi- tions, engagement, and repeat visits. zation to social media posts, and even managing review sites like Trip Advisor. How does your team approach the different areasBut all of that speaks to message delivery. The message itself needs of digital marketing?to convey our USP (unique sales proposition), what sets us apart FOGHORN 12'