b'This page, clockwise from left: a vessel in progress at Yank Marine; interior of All American Marines recently completed Swiftsure,; Yank Marines NY Waterways ferrylast spring and now, and added that there has been an uptick in theat Gladding-Hearn. There are many new ideas and concepts being number of workboats theyve been building, as well as ships such asexplored, said Duclos. Some make sense and have a legitimate pos-hydrographic survey vessels.itive impact on the environment and some dont. And what works for one operation, may not work for another. We see the most promise in Most significantly, Wille noted the substantial lead times required forall-electric, battery-only propulsion because it is relatively simple and necessary parts such as engines, water jets, or reduction gear. In recentclean. It could work for many operators today. As batteries and sho-months, some manufacturers have estimated up to 60 weeks for certainreside charging infrastructure improves, we believe we will see more PHOTOS COURTESY OF BURGER BOAT COMPANY,YANK MARINE, AND ALL AMERICAN MARINEpopular items, which is quite a long wait when it may take less than 40battery-only applications.weeks to build a vessel. Its something theyve been talking to potential customers about. The one message I would strive to get to anybodyThepushtowardelectrichasntbeentheonlychange.AtAAM that may be in the market for a new boat is, Dont delay. Start earliertheyve taken note of a trend of widespread use of Tier 3 engines on than you think. If not because of shipyard availability, it may be be- T-boats. Were seeing more Tier 3, quad water jet boats, at least in the cause of equipment availability. passenger vessel industry, Wille said. It seems to be pretty popular for high-speed aluminum catamarans.Much as AAM has seen an increase in workboat orders, the ship-builders were asked what trends theyve noticed in the marketplaceThe team at Burger Boat Company has focused on whats remained as demand has shifted. Yank said her company has seen a lot of in- the same. Of course, change is constant, but the one thing that nev-terest in hybrid or all-electric vessels. A similar trend has been noteder changes is the conversation with a client. From our point of view, 9 JULY 2022'