b'LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORPVA Programs Continue AT THE HELMto Grow to Meet Member NeedsJOHN GROUNDWATER // EXECUTIVE DIRECTORP VAsleadersandstaffarecommittedtoprovidingmem- business as possible. Once vessel members have implemented the sug-bers with a wide range of services and benefits. In doing so,gested items from the programs checklist, they can share this informa-theyconstantlyevaluateandimproveexistingassociationtion with PVA to formally enroll in the program. programs and develop new ones as the needs of members change. This process is ongoing and allows PVA and its programs to alignAfter submitting the Best Green Business Practices Checklist form closely with the industrys evolution. The process also importantlyelectronically, you will receive a PVA Green WATERS participation involves substantive member input via PVAs standing and ad-hoccertificate and window decal sticker(s). committees.SuchinputallowsPVA programs to be shaped in such a way asVisit the Green WATERS page here if you to immediately address pressing indus- Region Meetingswould like to explore this important PVA trychallengeswithscalableandeffec- program and the available resources. tivesolutions.Thefollowingaretwooffer an excellent PVA programs that are currently avail- AN EXCITING LINE-UPable to members. opportunity for PVAOF PVA REGION MEETINGS AHOY, NEW ADVENTURES members to reconnect,AWAIT YOU THIS FALL attended a For those of you who have PVAS DIGITAL MARKETING compare notes, andPVA Region Meeting in the past, you PROGRAM TO HELP know that each offers an excellent op-BOOST YOUR BUSINESS share knowledge. portunity for PVA members to recon-Ahoy, New Adventures has been creat- nect, compare notes, and share knowl-ed exclusively for members to digitallyedge after busy seasons. This year, you market PVA member vessel operations, along with the products andwill find these region meetings to be laser-focused on the issues that services of PVA associate members, to a national consumer audience.most affect your businesses. Here are just a few of the topics that are The programs website can be viewed at ahoy.us. This website iden- planned for you:tifies and describes PVA member vessel operations nationwide with a landing page for each member company describing its activities.Successful Strategies to Attract and Retain EmployeesInformation about PVA associate members and be viewed via a linkCannabis, Drug Testing, and the Impacts onto partners. Passenger Vessel OperatorsBest Practices for Fire SafetyIf you have not yet enrolled in PVAs digital marketing program, I hopeHow to Prepare for and Respond to an Active Shooter Situationthat you will seriously consider participating.Merchant Mariner CredentialsHow to Minimize Delays How to Get Started PVA Southeast Region MeetingProvide your company information for a company profile by fillingSeptember 20 out the form below. You will need to include brief copy describingBahia Mar Ft. Lauderdaleyour business, a company logo, and images specific to your operation.Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.Click here to enroll in Ahoy, New Adventures. PVA Great Lakes Region MeetingPVA GREEN WATERS PROGRAM REVAMPED September 26-28The PVA Green WATERS program has been revamped and improvedBayshore Resort Put-In-Bayto make it easier than ever to enroll and quickly adopt a variety of envi- Put-In Bay, Ohioronmentally-friendly practices.PVA Western Region MeetingThe program is voluntary and is intended to assist PVA members toOctober 24-26run cleaner, greener business operations without causing financial orWyndham San Diego Baysideoperational strain. Many PVA members are already involved in thisSan Diego, Calif.program, and we hope that you will also participate.PVA Rivers Region MeetingComprehensive PVA Green WATERS Manual November 1-3PVA members can start by downloading the programs electronic man- Gateway Clipper Fleetual from the webpage and applying as many green practices to theirPittsburgh, Pa.Continued on page 487 JULY 2022'