b'NEWSWIRENEWSWIRE PVA Joins Coalition Against Illegal TamperingT he PVA Board of Directors on July 12In its recommendation that the PVA Boardnoted the following factors may increase risk to authorized the Passenger Vessel Associ- of Directors authorize affiliation with the Co- and vulnerability of a passenger vessels:ations participation in the Coalitionalition,theEngineeringSubcommitteesaid Opposed to Illegal Tampering. that it drew a strong distinction between anThe increased potential for cyber attack operators ability and right to maintain and ad- or unauthorized manipulation of control ThisaffiliationhadbeenrequestedbyPVAsystems settings. This is particularly true Associate Members that manufacture marineas engine manufacturers pursue new and engines with embedded electronic codes. TheSimilar to theinnovativetelemetrytechnologies.This request was thoroughly vetted by two separatecould result in the potential for a two-discussions in the PVA Legislative Committeecommercial aircraft,waystreetforaccessingsensitivepro-and further consideration by the new Engi- pulsion or powerplant software settings. neering Subcommittee of the PVA Safety andthe passenger vesselThe potential for hidden back doors to Security Committee. be programmed into imbedded code are carries the mosta concern;This coalition exists to push back against so- precious cargo ever. calledright-to-repairlegislation,primarilyin Thereductioninaccountabilityforthevarious individual states. While PVA has noWe have a higher dutyprotection of sensitive settings and calibra-objection to the application of right-to-repairtion. Currently, there are checks and bal-principles to consumer products such as cellto protect. ances that prevent unauthorized access toWITH EPA TIER 4,phones, laptop computers, and the like, therethe most critical engine/powerplant code;is concern about an overly broad application to specialized marine equipment. just vessel systems as they wish within lawful The potential for emissions standards to beAs a general proposition, right to repair wouldparameters versus the ability to adjust or tam- violated through unauthorized manipula- AS ALWAYSper with approved factory settings or imbed- tion of source code and fuel mapping;allowconsumers,purchasers,andindepen- ded code. It should be pointed out that the so dent repair providers, (whether individuals orcalled right to repair and the illegal tampering Thepotentialforcriticalwarnings,en- businesses) the same access to firmware, sourcewith embedded code are two entirely separategine history; and alarms to be bypassed or codes, and other proprietary information andthings, but one opens the door to the other.erased; and forinadvertentpurchaseYOUR BUSINESS IS tools need to repair equipment with embeddedSimilar to the commercial aircraft but unlike a electronic components as manufacturers (suchfarm tractor or cell phone, the passenger vessel Thepotentialas manufacturers of marine engines) grant tocarries the most precious cargo ever. We haveofusedequipmentthathasbeentam-authorized repair providers. a higher duty to protect. The Subcommitteepered with. OUR BUSINESS.ADVERTISERS INDEXABB Marine, Inc. 38 DeJong and Lebet . 22 Rigidized Metals Corporation 43 We develop new propulsion systems that make your vessels cleaner and All American Marine . 51 Eastern Shipbuilding Group .2 RocketRez .5 stronger at the same time. So you can transport more passengers on the worlds Arcadia Alliance . 28 Furuno USA, Inc. . 10 Rolls Royce Solutions America, Inc.most regulated waters. Whatever your needs, we provide solutions that work.BAE Systems 32 Gladding-Hearn Shipbuilding. 15 MTU Branded Products 53Bay Ship and Yacht . 17 GPLINK LLC 50 R.W. Fernstrum Co 39Beurteaux 48 Hamilton Jet 22 Scania USA . 11Blount Boats 21 Humphree USA . 11 Starboard Suite 33BMT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28 IMTRA Corporation 29 Thrive Payments . 15BRIX Marine . 42 Incat Crowther 30 Twin Disc, Inc. 25Burger Boat Company 17 John Deere Power Systems 36 UES Seating 51Carus Cruise Inc 31 Kongsberg 44 Volvo Penta 6Caterpillar Marine . 48 Marine Jet Power 35 Washington State Ferries 40Cojali 46 MCM/Assured Partners 21 Yanmar . 26Cummins Sales & Service .23 Metal Shark . 27www.mtu-solutions.com FOGHORN 52'