b'NEWSWIREPVA Asks White House to Prevent Railway Worker StrikeAcommercialrailstrike nationwide that threatened to close drawbridges whose openings are essential to some PVA vessel members has been averted until at least mid-September. On July 15 the Pres-ident invoked a law to ensure a 60-day period during which no worker walk-out can take place,givingthefreightrailroadsandtheir unions further opportunity to compromise their differences.On behalf of its members that operate vessels thatrelyonraildrawbridgeopenings,the Passenger Vessel Association urged President Biden to forestall the threatened strike. The PVAletterurgedhimtousethepower granted to you by the Railway Labor Act toINNOVATIVE. prevent an immediate strike by railway work-ersnationwide.NumerousPVAmembers operatecommercialpassengervesselsthatUNIQUE.ALL AMERICAN MARINEsail the nations river systems. These vessels traverse waterways on which railroads own and operate drawbridges. These drawbridgesPROVEN.are permitted by the U.S. Coast Guard and mustadheretoopeningregulationssetby the Coast Guard to preserve maritime navi-gation. PVA members fear that an immediate rail strike might lead to situations in which drawbridges are left in the down position and are not staffed by bridge tenders who would open them according to Coast Guard-man-dated schedules. This would result in PVA vessel members being unable to operate on theirscheduledandaccustomedroutes, costing them tens of thousands of dollars per day PVA urges you to take this lawfully-au-thorized action.ALLAMERICANMARINE.comBellingham, WA | 360.647.7602Pictured: Spirit of Matushka - A 150 Passenger, hydrofoil-assisted catamaran, custom built for Major Marine Tours51 JULY 2022'