b'NEWSWIRENEWSWIRE PVAs Committees Need YouO vertheyears,PVAmembershaveREGULATORY COMMITTEEandThecommitteemeetsasneededandonce madesignificantcontributionsofPVAs Regulatory Committee representsduringthePVAAnnualConventionat time and expertise to the developmentpromotes the interests of the passenger vesselMariTrends.Todiscusscommitteeactiv-programs and tools for member use. Their in- industrybeforetheExecutiveBranchanditiesand/ortojoincontactEdWelchat put has resulted in crew training programs, se- appropriate federal agencies. It advocates forewelch@passengervessel.com.curity initiatives, risk management guidelines,regulatorypoliciesthatbenefitthebusiness legislative and advocacy programs, regulatoryhealthandtheoperationsofthepassengerMEMBERSHIP COMMITTEEproposals, and much more.vesselindustry.ItalsoadvocatesforbetterThe PVA Membership Committee is made up coordination of regulations between agenciesof individuals interested in promoting mem-PVA committee members continue to under- that will result in less regulatory burden uponbership in PVA and identifying industry trends taketheimportantworkthatsupportsthepassenger vessel operators. and needs. The committee helps shape PVAs industry at large, but they are seeking your helpmembership marketing and message. PVAs re-and involvement in this effort. The followingThe Regulatory Committee meets via confer- gion chairs are also members of the committee.is a list of PVA committees, information aboutence call on the third Tuesday of every other theirmissions,tentativemeetingschedules,month and once during the PVA Annual Con- The committee meets once a year during the and PVA staff contacts in the hope that youvention at MariTrends. To discuss committeePVAAnnualConventionatMariTrends. will volunteer. activitiesand/ortojoincontactEricChris- Todiscusscommitteeactivitiesand/tensen or at echristensen@passngervessel.comortojoincontactJohnGroundwaterat SAFETY AND SECURITY COMMITTEE or Peter Lauridsen at peterlauridsen@msn.com. jgroundwater@passengervessel.com.ThiscommitteeleadsandsupportsPVA membersincontinuouslyimprovingsafety,LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE EMERGING LEADERS COMMITTEEsecurity, and environmental stewardship.TheLegislativeCommitteerepresentsandMade up of individuals who are beginning their promotes the interests of the passenger vesselcareers in the passenger vessel industry or who The Safety and Security Committee meets viaindustrybeforetheU.S.Congress.Itadvo- are climbing the management ladder, commit-conference call on the third Thursday of eachcates for legislation and policies that benefittee members support each other and network month and once during the PVA Annual Con- the business health and the operations of theaboutoperationalissuesandquestions.The vention at MariTrends. To discuss committeepassenger vessel industry. Membership on thiscommittee also identifies and hosts presenta-activities and/or to join, contact Eric Chris- committee does not require experience withtions at PVA Region Meetings and during the tensen at echristensen@passengervessel.com. Congress or the legislative process. PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends.TheEmergingLeadersCommitteemeets viaconferencecallasneededandonce duringthePVAAnnualConventionat MariTrends.Todiscusscommitteeactivities and/ortojoincontactMorganMooneyat Photo courtesy of Hy-Line Cruises mrogan@fireislandferries.com or Zack Reed at zack@ballyhooboats.com.DIGITAL MARKETING COMMITTEEThe PVA Digital Marketing Committee com-prises individuals who are interested in pro-viding input and guidance in the development and evolution of PVAs new digital marketing program, Ahoy, New Adventures. This mar-ketingprogramhasbeencreatedexclusively for members to digitally market PVA member vessel operations, along with the products and services of PVA associate members, to a nation-Remotely Monitor & Track Your Assets al consumer audience.The committee meets via conference call onceMonitor from Phones, Tablets, Computers amonth.TodiscusscommitteeactivitiesDetect Anomalies Early and/or to join contact John Groundwater atSimplify Record Keeping and Invoicing jgroundwater@passengervessel.com. Fuel and Speed Reporting Receive Alert Notifications gplink.com| +1.252.504.5113FOGHORN 50'