b'NEWSWIRENY Waterways Crews Rush to AidRescue on the Hudson RiverO n Tuesday, July 12, a private boat cap- Frantic. They were obviously worried aboutTwopeopleweretrappedunderthevessel sized on the Hudson River near mid- the other people. We were trying to get on aswhen it flipped over and were later pronounced townManhattan,N.Y.Twoferriesmany people as we could, Peters said. Mydead due to their injuries. City officials noted from NY Waterway, a PVA member, aided increw went to work and we got them out. the tragedy could have been even worse if not the rescue. for the crews of the passing ferries.Youre holding and pulling and holding and Captain Jason Peters was on his normal routepulling, and you really cant see. We had threeWhat caused the boat to capsize is under in-when he spotted the capsized boat and peo- people on the Jasons cradle, said Black.vestigation. We offer our deepest condolenc-ple in the water. Peters and crew aboard thees to those affected by this tragic accident, JohnStevensferryjumpedintoaction,de- Capt.AnthonyRyan,oftheGardenState,said U.S. Coast Guard Captain Zeita Mer-ployingthe Jasons Cradlea ladder-like res- was alerted to the emergency as he was gettingchant, captain of the port of New York. We cue device that the stranded boaters grabbedready to depart from the dock for his after- are incredibly grateful for the swift response ontointothewater.DeckhandsStevennoon route. We did what we were supposedof our partner agencies and the ferry crews Black and Hector Rabanes assisted in pullingto do and what weve been trained to do allwho acted as quickly as possible to prevent people on board.the time, said Ryan.any further casualties.NEWSWIREMARAD Awards Small Shipyard GrantsO nJuly21,theU.S.Departmentof300shipyardsin32statesandterritoriesPVA members who received grants include:of Transportations Maritime Adminis- throughout the U.S. They strengthen com- Duclos Corporation dba Gladding Hearn tration (MARAD) announced $19.6munitiesalongandnearournationsportsSomerset Mass., will receive $949,899 to sup-million in grant awards to 24 small shipyardsandwaterways.Manysmallshipyardsareport the purchase of a set of Doors; Transport-in 19 states through the Small Shipyard Grantfamily-run businessesand they are all enter- er, and a One-ton Overhead Crane. Program. The funds will help awardees mod- prises in which small investments can make ernize, increase productivity, and expand localbig differences. Chesapeake Shipbuilding, Corp., of Salisbury, employment opportunities. Md.,willreceive$1,114,539tosupportthe These grants will allow small businesses to dopurchaseofaPlasmaTable,30-tonmobile The Passenger Vessel Associations year-to-yearwhat they do best, which is to build essentialtraveliftcrane,250-tonautomatedtooling legislative agenda includes the periodic reau- infrastructurewhilecreatinglong-termandcomputernumericalcontrol(CNC),anda thorization of the MARAD Small Shipyardwell-paying jobs for Americans, said Maritime14-foot CNC press brake.Grant Program and annual funding for it atAdministrator Ann Phillips. Better equipment the highest possible level. The program directlymeans increased productivity and more ships andBlount Boats, Inc., of Warren, R.I., will receive benefits PVA associate member shipyards andwatercraft moving through our small shipyards.$937,933 to purchase a telehandler, two 3-ton indirectlybenefitsotherPVAmembersthatGrowingthisindustryfurthersupportsandoverhead cranes, a single forklift and four scis-do business with the grant recipients. It ap- strengthens our domestic maritime industry. sor lifts to significantly improve their material pears likely that Congress will approve $20 inhandling efficiency. funding for the federal fiscal year 2003, whichAdditionalinformationcanbefoundhere, begins this Sept. 1. or by contacting David M. Heller, AssociateFincantieriMarineGroup,LLC,BayShip-AdministratorforBusinessandFinancebuildingofSturgeonBay,Wis.,willreceive Since 2008, MARADs Small Shipyard GrantDevelopment,MaritimeAdministrationat$1,200,000 to support the modernization of Program has awarded $282.2 million to nearlyDavid.Heller@dot.gov.their graving dock pumps. 49 JULY 2022'