b'NEWSWIREPVA Safety Awards Nominations Its Never Too Early to NominateT his year is promising to be a high tem- The deadline to submit nominations for theof Safety, Security, and Risk Management for po year. Pent up demand for servicesPVA/PassengerVesselFoundation-sponsoredmany years. It is presented annually to recog-combinedwithshortageofperson- safetyawardsisNov.30,2022,sogetyournize actions by PVA vessel members and their nel and materials has caused many compa- nomination is as soon as possible. The PVAemployeesthroughsafetytraining,seaman-nies to make operational changes while stillSafetyandSecurityCommitteeencouragesship, and dedication to the best standards of maintaining safe and secure operations. Hasvessel operators to nominate qualified person- the passenger vessel industry that have result-your crew conducted lifesaving actions or re- nel for one of these two safety awards. edinasignificant,positiveoutcome.More sponded to an emergency situation thus farsimply, actions taken in response to a crisis or in 2022? Did all that training pay off? HasROGER MURPHY NATIONAL MARINEemergency resulting in a substantial and possi-youroperationimplementedcrucialsafetySAFETY AWARD bly life-saving impact (i.e. man overboard, dis-practicesthatimprovethecompanysafe- This award is named in honor of former PVAtressed vessel or person rescue, etc.).ty culture? Do you know someone in PVAPresident Roger Murphy, the founder of the whose actions have made the port or passen- PVA Safety and Security Committee, and isHOW AND WHEN TO APPLYger vessel industry safer? If so, now is the timegiven annually to a deserving employee of aNominations for both safety awards are due by to be recognized. PVA member as recognition for demonstrat- Nov. 30, and can be submitted here. Winners ing, enhancing, or contributing to the overallwill be selected by the PVA Safety and Security Each year, PVA presents two prestigious safetysafety of their organization and the passengerCommittee and awards will be presented at the awards, which were created by the PVA Safetyvessel industry. PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2023 and Security Committee and sponsored by thein Long Beach, Calif.Passenger Vessel Foundation, to well-deservingCAPTAIN ELIZABETH GEDNEY PAS-recipients who have demonstrated extraordi- SENGER VESSEL SAFETY AWARD Forquestionsabouteitheraward,contact nary actions that result in a safer marine oper- This award is named in honor of Captain Eliz- PVAsEricChristensenat703-853-0003or ating environment. abeth Beth Gedney, who was PVAs Directorechristensen@passengervessel.com.NEWSWIRE2022 Katica Klassic Memorial Tournamentat the PVA Western Region MeetingP lease join the Passenger Vessel Founda- ego Coronado Bay Bridge. Offering views ofteam. This is a wonderful fun event each year. tion (PVF) for the 2022 Katica KlassicSan Diego harbor and downtown, it is sure toTo learn more and sign up for the tournament, Memorial Tournament at the Westernbe a favorite destination for anyone that enjoysclick here. Region Meeting Monday, Oct. 24. the game of golf.The Passenger Vessel Foundation celebrates 28 The tournament will be at the Coronado GolfThis four-person scramble event includes youryears in 2022. To date, the PVF has awarded Course. The Coronado Golf Course is one ofgreensfee,rangeballs,golfcart,boxlunchmorethan$340,000ineducationalgrants the City of Coronados most treasured assets.(artisan sandwich, fresh fruit, chips, and gra- topersonswhoarepursuinganeducation Opened in 1957, it is rated as one the bestnola bar), and a non-hosted awards receptiontowards supporting or working in the com-public courses in the nation and is a favoritefollowing the game. The first tee time is at 11mercial passenger vessel industry.destination for local residents and celebritiesa.m.withconsecutiveteetimesthereafter. alike. The course is located just minutes fromWhen you register, we will form your teamVisit the Passenger Vessel Foundation site to downtown San Diego over the iconic San Di- or you can select a foursome and choose yourmore information about the organization.47 JULY 2022'