b'NEWSWIRENEWSWIRE Apply Now for Ferry Grant Programsof Federal Transit AdministrationT hreecompetitivegrantprogramsThe FTA Passenger Ferry Grant ProgramThe Ferry Service for Rural Communities designedtoencourageferrytrans- fundscapitalprojectsofpubliclyoperatedProgram is a new program that provides com-portationarenowopenforapplica- ferry systems in urbanized areas (populationpetitive funding to states to ensure basic es-tions. The deadline to apply electronically isof 50,000 or more). Grant funds can be usedsential ferry service is provided to certain rural Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022. tosupportexistingpassengerferryservice,areas. The program will distribute nearly $209 establishnewferryservice,andrepairandmillion in this funding round.Administered by the U.S. Federal Transit Ad- modernize ferry boats, terminals, and relat-ministration(FTA),thethreeprogramsare:ed facilities and equipment. In this funding the FTA Passenger Ferry Grant Program; Ferryround,$36.5millionisavailable;ofthat,The deadline to apply Services to Rural Communities; and the Elec- $3.25 million is set aside to support low or tric or Low-Emitting Ferry Pilot Project. Thezero-emission ferries. The federal cost-shareelectronically isFTA Passenger Grant Program has been in ex- of the project will generally not exceed 80 istence for several years, but the other two arepercent, but it can increase to 90 percent for aTuesday, Sept. 6, 2022.new programs created in 2021 by enactmentproject involving vessel equipment to enable of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs ActcompliancewiththeAmericanswithDis-(Public Law 117-58). The combined Notice ofabilities Act or the Clean Air Act. For more Funding Opportunity can be viewed here.information, visit the FTAs site.To be considered eligible for this grant pro-gram, a ferry service must either (1) serve at least two rural areas located more than 50 sailingmilesapart,or(2)beaservicenot otherwise eligible to compete for a grant un-der the Passenger Ferry Grant Program (see above) and serve at least two rural areas with a single segment of over 20 sailing miles be-tween two rural areas.The maximum federal share is 80 percent of the net project cost of capital and planning projects and 50 percent for operating costs. For more information, visit this link. TheElectricorLow-EmittingFerryPi-lotProgramisanothernewprogram.It will provide competitive funding for electric or low-emitting ferries and associated infra-structurethatreducegreenhousegasemis-sions by using alternative fuels or on-board energy storage systems and related charging infrastructure.Thereis$49millionavail-able in this funding round. The federal cost-share will range between 80 and 90 percent. One grant is to be awarded to a ferry service in the state with the largest number of Ma-rine Highway System miles another is to go toabi-stateferrysystem.Formoredetails, click here. Forfurtherinformation,pleaseemail E X2 0 FTAFerryPrograms@dot.govorphonethe B 1 9I FTAsVanessaWilliamsat202-366-4818or Sarah Clements at 202-366-3062.WINNERFOGHORN 46'