b"MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS All American DeliversHigh-Speed Catamaran, SwiftsureA ll American Marine (AAM), a PVA member, recently delivered the Swift-sure, a U.S Coast Guard Subchapter T-certifiedhigh-speedcatamaran,toan operator of whale-watching vessels in Wash-ington state. The 77', 150-passenger vessel was modeled after the All American Marine-built Saratoga, delivered in spring 2018. The semi-displacement catamaran hull design integratesasymmetricalandasymmetrical combined hull shape, bow wave piercer, and anadjustablealuminummidshiphydrofoil plus two aluminum aft foils The hull shape is complemented by integration of a wave piercer positioned between the catamaran sponsons to break up wave action. This design allows the boat to achieve top speeds of 40+ knots and enables the vessel to travel through both calm and rough water at full cruising speed, while keeping underwater noise to a minimum. This ensures reduced drag, offering a smooth ride and comfort as the hull provides a cushioned effect when encountering waves. The Swiftsure was designed for low fuel con-sumption at high speeds, a critical factor to the success of the daily tours. The vessel utilizes four Hamilton Jet HJ364 water jets, complete with the Hamilton Jet control system. The vessel is powered by four Scania Di 16 082M engines with a rating of 800 mhp @ 2300RPMs.Thesoundproofingdetailsin theengineroomensurethatthepassenger cabin is quiet and comfortable throughout the ride. The interior of the vessel is finished with materials such as recyclable Ayres aluminum honeycomb wall panels and recyclable Dampa aluminum ceiling tiles with acoustic insulationPHOTO COURTESY OF ALL AMERICAN MARINEthat span the main cabin and the interior cabin on the second deck. Other amenities include ADA-friendlyaccommodationspaces,com-fortableBeurteauxseating,threerestrooms, andanextendedgalleycompletewitha full-service bar for passengers. The Swiftsure is also equipped with seven HDTVs and a premi-um sound system with speakers inside and out for a fully immersive experience throughout the vessels journey. FOGHORN 44"