b'MEMBER NEWSUkraine to ReceiveOver 20 Metal Shark Military VesselsI n an effort to help Ukraine to better pro-tectitscoastline,waterways,andports, the United States is providing the country with a range of defense articles, including 23 welded-aluminummilitaryvesselsbuiltby PVA member Metal Shark. It was announced that six U.S. Navy Metal Shark maritime combat vessels would be sent to Ukraine as part of a $450 million security as-sistance package. Meanwhile, at Metal Sharks FranklinandJeanerette,La.,production facilities, production is well underway on 17 additional vessels for Ukraine, including ten 38-foot Defiant pilothouse patrol vessels, four 38-foot Defiant center console patrol vessels, andthree36-footFearlesshigh-performance military interceptor vessels. Each of these ves-sels are proven military platforms optimized for the Ukraine mission.The boats are being built and delivered asMetal Shark has been working closely withHenry Irizarry, Metal Sharks vice president part of a long range foreign policy strategythe U.S. Embassy in Kiev since 2019 to de- of international business development. We yearsinthemaking,butrecenteventsinvelop the strategy now being implementedcreate long term partnerships with end users Ukraine have caused an acceleration of theto support Ukraines maritime capabilities,totrainboatcrewsandprovideseamless timelines. As a result, vessels will begin ship- so it is fulfilling to see that the vessels willtechnicalsupporttoassure24/7opera- ping immediately. arrivewhentheyaremostneeded,saidtional readiness.MEMBER NEWSKongsberg Maritime WinsStabilizer Contract for Two New FerriesK ongsberg Maritimes Dunfermline facil- signedforhighperformancerolldampinginnovative Eco feature for optimization oper-PHOTO COURTESY OF METAL SHARK ity has announced a contract to supplywhilst offering low weight and high reliabilityation of the stabilizers.Aquarius 50 Retractable Fin Stabilizerscoupledwithlowmaintenance.ThePLC for two new ferries to be built for Scotlandsbased control system provides robust, reliableKongsberg, a PVA member, has enjoyed a long Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL). technology with simple operating interfacesrelationshipwithCMALhavingprovided andextremelycomprehensivemaintenancestabilizers for their vessels over many decades, TheKongsbergAquariusretractablefinanddiagnosticinformationthroughtouchtogetherwiththrough-lifeservicesupport, stabilizers, due for delivery in 2023, are de- screens.Thecontrolswillalsoprovidetheincluding upgrade programs to existing vessels.41 JULY 2022'