b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTAT THE HELM Shipyards Build More Than Ships BOB BIJUR // PRESIDENTS hipyards not only build ships, but also build relationships andPotential impacts of a nationwide railroad strike have been stalled by provide valuable learning opportunities. I have had the greatexecutive order. If the strike had occurred, it held the potential of hav-pleasure to be involved with several projects to build new boats.ing a huge negative impact on PVA members needing to traverse rail-Working in the planning stages with naval architects and engineersroad bridges. Thanks to Captain Kevin Stier of the Riverboat Twilight is a great experience and can get very technical. That is why I thinkwho alerted PVA about this potential problem. PVA responded by some of the most rewarding times for me were those spent in a ship- sending a letter to President Biden requesting that he intercede. This yard working on the build-out of a vessel. They provide endless op- is a great example of members looking out for everyone who could pos-portunities to learn while installing new equipment and technolo- sibly be affected. gy and learning new techniques for working on installed systems. The shipyard workers became trainers allowing me to watch, listen,All PVA Region Meetings are set, and registration pages are up and and learn. ready for your use. I encourage everyone to plan to attend. The pro-gram content has carefully been thought through and promises to be Hauling existing vessels for repair, surveys, or U.S. Coast Guard hullengaging and impactful. If you have not had the opportunity to attend exams also offers great opportunities to learn. These required visitsa face-to-face in-person region meeting, you are set to enjoy something can be stressful and challenging, but thorough planning and a goodthat cannot be virtually duplicated. working relationship with a shipyard can make a world of difference in the experience. These are the hubs that allow our partners, PVAsPVAs Ed Welch has kept us informed about the ongoing efforts to associate members, to work with vessel owners to continue to ex- get tax exempt status for CERTS, Ferry Grant Program eligibility, ceed standards and performance to help us have safer and enrichedand is investigating other potential legislative initiatives that impact vessel operations. our members. June and July are peak season for most operations, and I hope every- ThenewPVAEngineeringSubcommitteemetwithparticipation one is havingsuccessful and safe operations. In southern Florida, wefrom the Coast Guard to discuss lighting in accommodation spaces have had significant tourist activity and, thankfully, a calm weatherand new LED lighting standards. The meeting was hosted and moder-season so far.ated by Mike McElroy of Wendella Sightseeing Boats and was well at-tended by committee members. The committee received a presentation PVA staff are continuously busy looking after the interests of the PVAon the topic from Ed Vaughn of DeJong & Lebet. membership. Comments have been submitted on the Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (ANPRM) on electronic charts. In addi- The PVA Green WATERS program was featured in a column by tion to the PVA comment on this ANPRM, PVA Safety and SecurityWorkBoat Magazine highlighting the great work by staff to revamp the Committee member Craig Parkhurst did an exemplary job of creatingprogram and make it easier for PVA members to enroll. View the article a document that organized and correlated many individual membershere and visit the new Green WATERS page here. comments for submission to this docketFire safety and training are high on our priorities list. PVA committee Eric Christensen has submitted PVAs suggestions for the 5th revisionmembers and staff continue to stay focused on all the new informa-of the PVA Alternate Security Program (ASP) to the Coast Guardtion that becomes available from the most recent incident of fire on-for approval. These suggested changes to the ASP were prepared by aboard a member vessel. Using lessons learned for enhanced training working group of members from the PVA Safety and Security Com- has helped form good recommendations that will allow us to better mittee. We expect the Coast Guard to accept our suggested changes byprepare and respond to emergencies. It is to be noted that good crew the beginning of August. This is very important to PVA members thatperformance accounts for favorable outcomes. In this case, thank operate vessels required to comply with The Maritime Transportationgoodness there was both. Security Act of 2002. Please stay safe and I hope to see you at a committee meeting and at PVAsDigitalMarketingCommittee,headedbyColleenStephensPVAs region meetings.and Suzanne Krug and supported by PVA staff member Katie Hill, has scheduled a full committee meeting in late July. John GroundwaterAt Your Service, has been helping to get Katie acclimated to the existing platform and she has done a great job in assessing and improving the access to the website. The committee co-chairs have exciting suggestions on the best way forward. I am confident that there will be great ideas and delivera- Bob Bijurbles coming out of the July meeting. PVA President, 2022FOGHORN 4'