b'MEMBER NEWSHybrid Research Vessel from Incat Crowther Ready for the Pacific Northwest I ncat Crowther, a PVA member, announcedPMI375-T200-2600 motor-generators. PowerWiththisvessel,PNNLjoinsagrowing that construction has commenced in Seat- is stored using a Spear Trident battery system,listofoperatorstakingadvantageofIncat tle,Wash.ona15m(49.7x15.9x7.54)allowingthevesseltooperatequietlyinaCrowthersexperienceinhybridandlow hybrid catamaran research vessel for operationzero-emission electric state while engaged in aemissions technologies. The companies part-bythePacificNorthwestNationalLabora- mixture of survey operational modes. All threenership enhances the research capability of the tory (PNNL). The vessel demonstrates Incatcompanies are PVA members.Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Crowther expertise in designing low emissions vessels that deliver practical solutions for scien-tific mission requirements. Incat Crowther has developed a custom de-sign that offers exceptional capability for its size. The vessels 28m2 main deck is equippedWe take the heat, with an A-Frame, boom crane, and movableso you dont have to.davit in addition to access to a foldable swim platform, extracting maximum functionalityCool. Because you need it. from the space. A set of stairs offers directSo no matter where you operate, hot days access from the main deck to the upper deckand heavy loads will never slow you down. andflybridge,whichaffordsexcellentall-round visibility. The vessel can support the research of six scientists in a tailored layout RENDERINGS COURTESY OF INCAT CROWTHERcontainingmultipleresearchworkstations and convertible sleeping arrangements, pro-viding PNNL a capable platform to efficiently carry out their research.GRIDCOOLERWEKA Omega LaserTranter Keel Cooler Boxcooler Plate SUPERCHANGERThe vessel will be powered by an advanced parallelhybrid-electricpropulsionsystem, consisting of two Volvo Penta D8-510 main engines, capable of producing 374 kW each,fernstrum.com| 1.906.863.5553| sales@fernstrum.com supplemented by two Danfoss Editron EM- ISO 9001:2015 2022 R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All rights reserved. FERNSTRUM and GRIDCOOLER are registered trademarks of R.W. Fernstrum & Company. All other trademarks cited are the property of their respective owners.39 JULY 2022'