b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS Rolls-Royce to Developmtu Hydrogen ElectrolyzerHydrogen is being developed as a power source to help fuel the green energy transition and de-mand for green hydrogenwhose production creates no CO 2 is expected to rise significantly. Used for fuel cells and hydrogen engines, for the production of synthetic drop-in fuels, and for industrial processes that currently use hydrogen that is not created in a carbon neutral process. Consequently, high-performance electrolyzers are a key component of any hydrogen system.Dr. Otto Preiss, COO and Chief Technology Of-ficer, Rolls-Royce Power Systems, a member ofPVA, said: Our complete hydrogen solutions will enable customers to store renewably pro-duced energy in the form of hydrogen for use as and when required, or for further processing Dr. Otto Preiss (left) and Armin Frderer (second from left) from Rolls-Royce Power Systems or onward sale. with Stefan Hller (right) and Matthias Kramer (second from right) from Hoeller ElectrolyzerIn hydrogen electrolysis, water is subjected to DC electrical current, producing hydrogen at R olls-RoyceisenteringthehydrogenSystems division. Hoeller Electrolyzer, based inthe negative pole and oxygen at the positive pole.Inthisway,itispossibletoproduce production market and acquiring a 54Germany, is an early-stage technology compa- carbon-neutralhydrogenbyusingelectricity percent majority stake in electrolysisny that is developing highly efficient polymerfrom renewable sources such as solar or wind. stackspecialistHoellerElectrolyzer,whoseelectrolyte membrane (PEM) stacks, under theThe electrochemical reaction takes place in a technology will form the basis of a new rangebrand name Prometheus, for the cost-effectivecell between plate-shaped electrodes separated of mtu electrolyzer products from its Powerproduction of hydrogen.by membranes. Hundreds of cells located one above the other and pressed together form a stack, the heart of an electrolyzer. HoellerElectrolyzerhaspositioneditselfas an expert in the field of high-efficiency PEM electrolysis stacks. High efficiency is promised by special surface technologies for the bipolar plates which significantly reduce the use of ex-pensive precious metals platinum and iridium as catalysts, as well as increased output pressure.Development work on the first mtu electro-lyzer using a stack from Hoeller Electrolyzer is already underway. In 2023, it will go into operation at the companys validation center to demonstrate how an electrolyzer fits into the overall architecture of a microgrid. An initial PHOTO COURTESY OF ROLLS-ROYCEcustomer project is already planned for 2024. Armin Frderer, who heads up the Net Zero Solutions business unit of Power Systems, said: Were going to launch electrolyzers with sev-eral megawatts of power right from the start. A total output of over 100 megawatts is conceiv-able by combining several electrolyzers.FOGHORN 38'