b'SAFETY MATTERSSAFETYPerformance of theDomestic Passenger Vessel FleetERIC CHRISTENSEN // PVA DIRECTOR OF REGULATORY AFFAIRS & RISK MANAGEMENTA t the spring 2022 meeting of the U.S.vessels subject to inspection. The inspected pas- CASUALTIES vessels!Withmanyop-CoastGuardandPassengerVesselsenger vessel fleet consisted of 6,592 active ves- 2021 saw no vessel-related fatalities on board AssociationQualityPartnership,thesels, which represented 34.8 percent of the over- domesticpassenger Coast Guard presented their annual report onall fleet and is down 2 percent from 2019 (6,731erators reporting that 2021 was their busiest the state of the domestic passenger vessel indus- active vessels). The active vessel decrease is likelyyear on record, this is certainly good news for try. The report provides an overview of the U.S.due to operators initially removing vessels fromthe industry. Flag, inspected passenger vessel fleet, as well asservice due to pandemic-related restrictions and information concerning marine casualties andnot all vessels have been reactivated. There were 1,880 reportable marine casualties inspections involving U.S. inspected passengerreportedin2019involving2,196inspected vessels. This years report covers calendar yearsDomestic passenger vessels had 11,007 inspec- vessels.Ofthose,approximately28percent 20192021 and was developed from informa- tionswith20,545deficienciesissued.Basedinvolved domestic passenger vessels. The top tion contained in the U.S. Coast Guard Marineon the vessel population of 6,592 vessels thatthree types of casualties experienced by domes-Information for Safety and Law Enforcementmeansadeficiencyrateof3.12pervessel,tic passenger vessels were:(MISLE)database.Inaddition,theCoastwhich is down 8 percent from 3.37 per vessel Guard is mandated by Congress to report onin 2019.Material Failure/Malfunction: 39.6% the state of the entire U.S. Flag fleet annually.Personnel Casualty (Injury): 24%In comparison to the overall Flag State fleet Loss/Reduction of Steering: 13.8% Note: Due to the anomaly that was the 2020totals, passenger vessel inspections account-operating(ornon-operating)season,mostedfor56.5percentoftheinspectionsandSlips, trips, and falls continue to be the highest statisticswillbecomparedtopre-pandemic65.85 percent of the deficiencies, which is apercentage of passenger and crew injuries with levels of 2019. 9 percent decrease in deficiencies from 2019.61 percent of passenger and 50 percent of crew Passenger vessels received 18 Flag State deten- beinginvolvedwithwhattheCoastGuard FLEET STATISTICS tions in 2021, which accounted for 25 percentclassifies as Contact InjuryFall onto sur-In 2021, the U.S. Flag fleet consisted of 18,967of all detentions. face. The Coast Guard and PVA Quality Part-nership will resume efforts to charter a working group to look at slips, trips, and falls data to see if there have been any changes in incidents over the past five years following the initial study and white paper put out in October 2017.2021 saw no vessel-related fatalities DIGITAL SHIPBUILDERS on board domestic DESIGN. BUILD. CONSULT. passenger vessels! incatcrowther.comVESSEL INSPECTION RESULTSWhile deficiencies were down in 2021 com-pared to 2019, over 40 percent of vessel inspec-tions resulted in at least one deficiency being issued by the Coast Guard. The top five deficiency areas for 2021 identi-fied by the Coast Guard were: Structural ConditionsHull damage SEASTREAK COMMODORE, SEASTREAK COURAGEOUSCorrosion 2 x 45m Catamaran Ro-Pax FerriesFOGHORN 30'