b'electrical support not currently using ENC,erally. Our docket response letter noted expand- AstheCoastGuardproceedswiththede-and the level of training necessary to use the re- ing ENC display to include Class D equipment,velopmentofupdatedregulationsandwe sulting electronic suite effectively among oth- use of NOAA print-on-demand charts for theirgettotheNoticeofProposedRegulations ers. Providing that assistance is also a functionspecific operating routes, and encouraging the(NPRM) stage, we will charge our committees of PVA and its members, helping the Coastfurther development of NOAA custom chartsand members at large to assess and comment Guard develop appropriate regulations for thethat would be acceptable under Coast Guardon the impacts on their operations. It is the passenger vessel industry. carriage regulations for inspected vessels. TheseNPRM stage where regulatory particulars are additional elements would facilitate complianceidentified and commenters can assess the im-Preparing a response to this ANPRM involvedfor the nearly infinite capabilities and limita- pact on their particular set of circumstances. using the resources of the association to capturetions of several thousand vessels of various de- Thiscommentperiodisoftenthelearning information that would respond to the specificsigns, capabilities, and operating environments. tool for both regulator and regulated.questions in the ANPRM. Two of our standing committees, the Safety and Security Committee and the Regulatory Committee are composed of vessel members, many of whom have ENC experience.TheANPRMwasreviewedand discussed with both committees. One member, CraigParkhurstofHornblowerGroup,was developingacompany-specificresponseand offered to present the ANPRM questions in a form for collection of individual committeeThe Trusted Source for members responses. He broke down the AN- Quality SystemsPRMs 17 large questions into 41 specific items. Eightcommitteemembersrepresentingadi-verse array of member operations volunteered to respond as a first cut. The product of that effort was then shared with the committees as a whole and all members were asked to weigh in using their individual company experience. A chart compiling the responses can be viewed here. ENC and supporting display equipmentin some form have been available for more than two decades.The responses represent just some of the pos-sible array of electronic outfits, vessel designed capabilities,typicaloperatingareas,assigned crew duties, and the nearly infinite combina-tionsofthosecharacteristicsrepresentedby our 350 vessel-operating companies. It is clear that the issue of change is seen as problemat-ic in that small operations, limited operating areas, and physical limitations of a vessel are not easily addressed in a typical general regu-lation. Summarization of the answers collected by PVA would not adequately cover the infor- THRUSTERSLIGHTINGSEATINGDOORSTRIM CONTROLWIPERSCONTROLSmation, so it was decided that the collected in-formation was best used as a submission to the docket in the form of the individual responses.There were some issues that could properly bewww.imtra.com 508.995.7000offered as representative of the association gen-29 JULY 2022'