b'REGULATORY REPORTREGULATORY Anatomy of a PVARegulatory Docket CommentPETER LAURIDSEN // PVA REGULATORY AFFAIRS CONSULTANTO neoftheimportantfunctionsofascheduled for January 2025. The purpose ofTo update the regulations to reflect the change trade association is the responsibilitythis ANPRM is to collect information fromto ENC the Coast Guard must follow the no-to represent its members in the federalindustry that will assist the Coast Guard in thetice and comment process outlined in the Ad-regulatory system either directly, through itsdevelopment of new regulations that imple- ministrative Procedure Act (APA). This will members, or both. ment ENC. require the Coast Guard to identify the cur-rent level of ENC usage in the industry and the Recently,theU.S.CoastGuardissuedanENCandsupportingdisplayequipmentcost of transitioning the regulated commercial AdvancedNoticeofProposedRulemakinginsomeformhavebeenavailableformorevessels to full ENC compliance. The industrys (ANPRM) concerning the elimination of thethantwodecades.Duringthattimetheexperience in their voluntary implementation National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin- Coast Guard has supported the introductionof ENC provides a good information source istrations(NOAA)issuanceandavailabili- and voluntary use of ENC and display tech- fortheCoastGuardscompliancewiththe tyofprintedandrasternavigationalcharts.nologybyestablishingguidancethroughAPA. The ANPRM is the vehicle for collec-TheCoastGuardscommercialvesselreg- itsNavigationandVesselInspectionCir- tion of that information. It poses questions ulationscurrentlydonotreflecttheforth- culars(NVIC)thatmadetheuseofENCon the costs of installation and upkeep of the comingtransitionfromprintedchartstoanequivalentfortheexistingpaperchart-ENC systems, the necessary changes and costs onlyelectronicnavigationcharts(ENC)based regulations.of regulatory compliance for a vessel and/or EXCEED GLOBAL EMISSIONS STANDARDSOperate a lightweight vessel equipped with hybrid or electric engines. Reduce your operating and maintenance costs. Minimize your environmental impact. BUILD A CARBON FIBER FERRYLearn about Americas only carbon T- and K-Class ferry builder:www.ARCADIA-ALLIANCE.comFOGHORN 28'