b'By this model you can sell the same service at different price levels, in parallel, at the same time. The customer is offered a choice, enabling themtoselectthetermsandconditionsthatsuitthembest.Inthe airlineindustryyouseethisasbusinessclass,economyclass,tourist class,etc.Onadomesticairlinealltheseproductsareactuallyus-ingthesameseats,butpricingvariesdependingondifferenttermsand conditions.Flexibility may be important for one customer, refundable tickets for an-other, and cost for a third. Some may be willing to pay more for a long stay,About the Author or a short stay. Time of payment might be important for another customer.JOHN BERTELLDIRECTOR OF SALESThe model is based on a structure ofCARUScreating virtual products from theWithabackgroundintheshippingindustryworking with cargo shipping operations, as well as cruise and port same inventory and diversifying theoperations, John Bertell has spent the last 20 years with IT solutions for the ferry industry. Being involved both from products with different conditionsthesalesperspectiveandpracticalsystemimplementations to be able to charge different pricesas project manager and implementation expert, he has gained experience of a wide range of ferry operations. In 2010, he to different customers.joined Carus as sales manager and is now director of sales, responsible for new clients, as well as client relationships and business development.You then create combinations of business rules as products that suit spe-cific customer types. You market these products and the customer will choose the ticket that best suits their need.The other side of the revenue management model is the yield management of your inventory. Instead of allowing your customers full access to all your offers and promotions on your sailings, you split up your inventoryPRECISE 360 PROPULSION into different buckets. You dont want to sell a full vessel with promotionPLUS FULL AUXILIARY POWERproducts, even if the business rules of this ticket give you some advantage. So, you split up your total passenger availability into smaller segments which are called yield buckets or yield classes. These can be built up hier-archically so that you can always sell a full capacity at a full price offering, while only a small fraction of the capacity is available for promotion tickets.This structure is then applied with different availability levels for the dif-ferent products in patterns that are optimized for each type of departure. A popular Friday afternoon sailing may not have any availability for cheap tickets, while a less popular Tuesday morning sailing offers a wide range of cheaper options. It allows for tempting low price promotions while protecting you from losing revenue by unnecessary discounting.There are additional tools you can use to forecast and optimize your rev-enue for each individual sailing using artificial intelligence and historicTwin Disc Marine Control Drives (MCDs) allow variable propellerMARINE speedfrom full engine output to slower than engine idlewhileCONTROL data, so that your system reacts automatically to a surge in demand or asplitting main engine power to drive FiFi pumps or other auxiliaryDRIVEequipment. The MCD-2000/4000/5000 series covers extended diesel sailing where there is not as much demand as you expected.power requirements from 1680 kW (2280 HP) to 5250 kW (7130 HP)with heat dissipation capabilities up to 450 kW (610 HP).And our Veth Z-drives provide 360 thrust for optimal vessel maneuverability The revenue management pricing model is commonly used across a largeand positioning.If you want the ultimate in slow-speed maneuverability, highly accurate section of the travel and leisure industry. It should be so in the passengerpositioning and simultaneous, full-firefighting capability, specify Twin Disc vessel industry too, since it is a powerful tool to manage and control yourand Veth Propulsion on your next tug build. VETHFor expert engineering assistance to assure your optimal product specifications Z-DRIVErevenue day by day, sailing by sailing, and minute by minute, allowing youand performance, contact Klaus@TwinDisc.com.to optimize every sale. 25 JULY 2022'