b'around and plan to have a charging arm extend from under the structure of the vessel using sensors to identify, reach out, and plug into a socket at the dock. There was the added benefit of standardization across the fleet so that vessels can be used on various routes. With only customer service staff at the terminals, it made sense to have the charging arm on the ship where engineers aboard could offer help and support as needed. Theyve proceeded with hazard identification and risk mitigation workshops and brought in captains and fleet engineers to discuss how to integrate the system with operations. Currently, WSF is working on U.S. Coast Guard approval of this system.With electric ferry systems in place globally, the Department of Trans-portation in Washington reached out to other operators. A survey was done of technologies worldwide and the team participated in a delega-tion that traveled to Norway to tour several of their facilities. They also hosted a delegation from Norway in Seattle. The Maritime Blue initia-tive in Washington was a partner, as were Seattle-based naval architecture firms, and propulsion system companies who have successfully executed projects globally. Major changes during shipbuilding or renovation often mean changes in terms of safety. For new builds, it starts with the vessel design from battery system selection through to structural fire protection, all of which the Coast Guard reviews. WSF already has staff attending basic electric propulsion courses and has had two courses on lithium ion bat-tery fundamentals. There will eventually be specific training provided by manufacturer. A project of this scale takes a village, at least. Washington State Ferries has worked with Seattle-based naval architect firms such as PVA member Elliott Bay Design Group. They engaged such partners early in the fea-sibility studies and in various projects either with WSF directly or with their shipyards. The vessel electrification plan was a large consultant ef-fort lead by PVA member KPFF, with participation from others. Theyve also teamed up with companies such as ABB and Kongsberg. Washington state has aggressive programs to bring in small businesses for these proj-ects and there is a built-in-Washington requirement for new construction.For the time and financial investment, the pay off is equally impactful. Emissions is not only a global issue, but a local one for nearby commu-nities, as well as the people aboard the ferries. Both particulates and emis-sions are tied to the acidification of the oceans and the negative effects it has on marine life. For a state that relies heavily on the fishing andLET ASSUREDPARTNERS MCM MANAGEmaritime industries, this is a central concern. The noise reduction byYOUR INSURANCE SO YOU CANswitching to electric is a huge benefit to the health of the crew, as well asFOCUS ON YOUR VOYAGEaquatic life. For passengers, a quieter ride is more enjoyable. Historically, electricity prices have been relatively stable in comparison to fossil fuels.AssuredPartners MCM is a leading independent Theres also the consideration of not having to bring in trucks or bargesinsurance brokerage based in the Pacic Northwest. Our to transport fuel, and not having to transfer liquid fuels reduces the riskcombined experience placing insurance and managing of fuel spills. With considerations such as these, the shift to electrificationthe marine industrys unique risks.is well worth the investment. Whether were working with vessel operators, builders, As our conversation drew to a close, I asked von Ruden what advice hed give to other companies who are looking to make their operations more environmentally sound. Were in a really exciting time. Theres a lot of change and a lot of options, von Ruden said. Start with your specif- AssuredPartners MCMic business model. Electrification may or may not be the right solutionContact: Damon L. Nasmandepending on your distances and your schedules and your proximity toDirect Line: 206.262.6375utilities. For us it was a great fit, for others there may be another solution,Damon.Nasman@assuredpartners.combut there are more and more solutions out there. Then develop that plan. Our legislature asked for an electrification plan and it showed we had awww.assuredpartnersmcm.com21 JULY 2022'