b'RefitandRepairTTUnder ConstructionCourtesy of Seacraft Design NEEBISH ISLANDER IIIQuality Commercial Vessels.Built by Burger to Your RequirementsBurger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Aluminum and Steel FabricationRefit and Repair Services Passenger Vessels- Hull Plate Replacement +1 920.686.5117Water Taxis- Exterior and Interior Coatings sales@burgerboat.comUnder Construction burgerboatcommercial.com Wind Farm Support Vessels- Engine and Generator Repowers92 Steel Car Ferry- All Vessel System Repairs Crew Supply Vessels Other Vessels to 260 (80m) - Interior Refresh Proudly built in the USAKEEPING BAY AREA FLEETS IN SERVICE FOR OVER 40 YEARSBay Ship and Yacht makes it a priority to per-form on-time, quality service for all vessels. We are a full service shipyard cosistently serving Al- 5 1 0 . 3 3 7 . 9 1 2 2 ameda, San Francisco Bay, the west coast andwww.bay-ship.com the worlds maritime industry for over 40 years. A l a m e d a , C A17 JULY 2022'