b'We can prepare by keeping anlean on new technology, and learn from experts around them. That mindset is the only thing that can truly prepare you for anything that FOGHORN FOCUS open mind and using flexible tools. may come so that you thrive, not just survive, in your business in the months and years ahead.were receiving the negative comments. They also had issues with guests showing up on the wrong day or at the incorrect time for their trip.Recently, they started using automated messaging to send reminderAbout the Author notifications to customers about the date and time of their planned visit. Follow-up surveys are sent by email and SMS to collect valuableSCOTT RIDDELLfeedback, as well as promote return visits. The company is still in theMARKETING DIRECTORearly days with these features, but the time saved and the accuracy ofROCKETREZdata alone have proven it to be a worthy investment.Scott Riddell is the Marketing Director at RocketRez. He ON THE HORIZON is working to educate the tours and attractions industry on There are a lot of things that have changed over the past few years, andthefast-changinglandscapeofticketingandreservations its clear that were not going back to the way things were. So whats next? technology. Scotts focus on thought leadership and innovation awareness has led leaders at RocketRez to speak and present Obviously, the future cannot be predicted. We dont know when theat many top industry events this year including Maritrends. next pandemic may hit, but we can prepare ourselves by keeping anScott brings his extensive background in SaaS eCommerce to open mind, being adaptable, and using flexible tools. accelerate the digital transformation thats currently making its way through the travel and tourism industry.The thing that each of these inspiring companies has in common is not just a willingness but an eagerness to adapt, try new things, GRAPHIC COURTESY OF ROCKETREZFrom payments to checking in, from assigning seats to placing food orders, there are countless ways to strengthen your business with digital offerings. FOGHORN 16'