b'One of the most challenging Every business owner, every person really, has seen this fear of change and what it takes to finally overcome it. One of our clients recently activities an operator will gowent through this. Their challenge was to switch ticketing platforms while maintaining smooth operations with no downtime and ramping through is changing one of theirup for another peak period with a new crop of seasonal employees.vendors. It can be intimidating, The solution to ensuring this all went smoothly was a combination but it shouldnt be if youre of in-depth consulting and hands-on training paired with easy-to-use intuitive software. The result was a smooth and speedy transition to working with the right vendor. a system that was more flexible to the needs of their operation as well as peace of mind that they had made the right decision to go forward with the change.staff, agencies, consultants, peers, other experts, and your technology. You also have your vendors. COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS The last aspect of the digital transformation that well be looking at is A great vendor will be an expert in your industry. They should be ableemploying technology for customer communication and engagement to guide you through setup and operational processes and provide in- to provide the best possible experience for customers.formed, experience-based advice on industry trends and what is work-ing at other successful operations around the country. Belle of Louisville is a Kentucky-based PVA member steamboat that operates along the Ohio River from May to October. For years, Belle One of the most challenging activities an operator will go through isof Louisville had been using comment cards to collect visitor feedback. changing one of their vendors or suppliers, especially when it comes toIt was such a labor-intensive task and filled with so many inaccuracies, the system that distributes tickets and accepts money. It can be ratherthat they stopped doing it altogether for a couple of seasons. Using this intimidating, but it shouldnt be, and it wont be, if youre workingmanual process, they had to deal with the sheer volume of hours it took with the right vendor. to input all of the data. Additionally, there were no guarantees that they STORE AND FORWARD PAYMENTSC Mobile Processing SolutionsM for Boats/Ferries.YTake transactions even in dead spotsCM where mobile devices are offline.MYA receipt is generated and pending paymentsCY are processed once back in service range.CMYK Navigating paymentstogether. Experience the Thrive Payments Difference today.ASSOCIATE MEMBER:PROUD SUPPORTER:GLADDING-HEARNSHIPBUILDINGDuclos Corporation gladding-hearn.com 855.794.2602thrivepay.us15 JULY 2022'