b'FOGHORN FOCUSThough they are the first thing we think of, sales are only the tip of the iceberg when looking at ways to digitally transform your business. With demand-based pricing, theytechnology to manage it efficiently. That is until they implemented an automated system that allowed them to set price rules that would could set a rule to automatically automatically adjust the prices with demand and time-based rules.increase the price per ticket whenWith demand-based pricing, they could set a rule to automatically the boat had reached a certain increase the price per ticket when the boat had reached a certain ca-pacity. As a boat would fill up, the ticket price would go up to increase capacity. As a boat would fill up,their margins and take advantage of an opportunity to set their price the ticket price would go up tobased on what the market would accept.With time-based pricing, they could simply set a rule to increase or de-increase their margins.crease prices at a certain number of days or hours before the tour. This system allowed them to easily change the prices manually at any time with just a few clicks for when there was an unforeseen eventlike poor weatherthat required them to drop all their prices immediate-off-hours. This freed up staff members so they could focus more only. The results? They saw increased sales and margin.GRAPHIC COURTESY OF ROCKETREZcustomer service instead of ticketing. As a result of these changes, they not onlyadded new sales channels, but are able to provide a betterYacht Starship is makingthe most of each sale and each tour, but more overall experience for their guests. importantly, from an operational perspective, life is a lot better now that they arent manually changing prices.AUTOMATED DYNAMIC PLANNING From the very beginning, PVA member Yacht Starship of Tampa, Fla,LEVERAGING RESOURCES has been heavily dependent on demand-based pricing. While they hadLeveraging your resources is another very important part of digital experimented with variable pricing in the past, they didnt have thetransformation. As an operator, you have a lot at your disposal: your FOGHORN 14'