b'shipbuildingjust like any industryis always evolving. Each client FOGHORN FOCUS has specific, unique needs making each project one of a kind. So, we focus on building relationships based on trust. As we do that, we can pinpoint individual needs and how emerging trends might best serve them. Some clients are looking for more carbon-neutral engineering systems.Othersneedtoprioritizeupgradednavigationsystemsor weather resistant building materials due to the conditions in which they operate. It really comes down to the clients needs and our ability to form a partnership to produce a vessel that utilizes the best technol-ogy and options to meet those needs.Finally, we asked where the companies see the industry going in the coming years. Burger Boat Company kept an eye to what remains the same, the relationship with the customer and honing in on meeting their needs. As we have conversations with different clients about their requirements, we are able to define a scope that works for them. We are always having conversations about new and innovative technol-ogies. Sometimes, adoption of newer options is reevaluated because of other factors, like cost for example. So, while more options are available to clients, choosing the right solution is a balancing act between a de-sign wish list and the project operational profile and cost requirements. For now, it is important we continue to make newer options available to our clients, but ultimately the project budget will drive the deci-sion-making process, once all the value-added proposals are evaluated.Wille noted that many vessel operators are facing aging fleets. You get All American Marines recent build, Swiftsure.folks who need to replace the equipment that they have because of its overall age. I think that were just at the tip of the iceberg, its just start-ing and well see more boats that age out and folks that are looking for replacements for some of that equipment. He also sees more operators moving toward hybrid and all-electric options. When you get a cus-tomer like we have in the Red and White Fleetthey have an excursion boat thats large capacity, but moving at 10-12 knotsputting a hybrid system on that boat really starts to make sense. The overall operational lifecycle costs come down. They have an investment on the front side for capital, but it pays off over time. Shifting towards hybrid or all electric can also make for a much more enjoyable experience for passengers on board. Wille described a trip he took on a carbon fiber, all-electric boat in Norway. Cruising through an emissions-free area, he could hear an oystercatcher birds call as it flew past. Wille pointed out that the silence of the boat is an import-ant benefit that extends beyond the guest experience. We havent discussed in the industry how the adoption of that technology will be beneficial to seafarers. We can decrease or even eliminate the noise exposure that happens. Not only do you have low or zero emissions on some of these boats, but the noise reduction can be a real added value Eachyear,thousandsofpreventablemaritimefor customers and employees alike.accidents are caused by operator inattention, cited twice as frequently as the next leading factor.We think the industry will continue to strive to move away from fossil fuels, noted Yank, who pointed toward another aspect of the push PHOTO COURTESY OF ALL AMERICAN MARINEThe Furuno BR500 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarmto go green. This will drive the offshore wind industry that we hope System (BNWAS) helps to prevent these accidents. to be a part of in the near future, both in building new vessels and providing repair facilities for all of the vessels that will be required to Scan this codebuild and maintain them.with your smart phone for aIn the past year, much progress has been made in rebounding from the Guided Tour ofpandemic and its effects. With shifts in demand, fleets needing to be the BR500. updated or replaced, and constantly evolving technology for cleaner energy and propulsion, there is much optimism for the shipbuilding industrys growth in the coming years. www.FurunoUSA.comFOGHORN 10'