b'MEMBERS NEWSCaterpillar Marine Investments in Methanol Engine TechnologiesC aterpillar Marine, a PVA member, has announcedaninvestmentinmeth-anol engine technologies. It says the commitment supports the development of de-carbonization efforts in the marine industry by offering cost effective methanol-powered solu-tions without sacrificing the value that its cus-tomers expect from Caterpillar. The follows an earlier announcement by the company that it is expanding its electric and hybrid offerings. In order to continue supporting our custom-ers with their climate-related goals Caterpillar Marinewillcontinueexploringcombustion technologies such as methanol, said Derrick York, Caterpillar Marines managing director. Todays products are being designed to be up-gradable for future methanol utilization, thus further enabling the energy transition.Thecompanyalsoannouncedthatithas joined the Green Maritime Methanol consor-tium (GMM), to work with other companies in the maritime industry to streamline adop-tion of methanol as a maritime transport fuel. Green methanol, an important candidate as a future fuel for the shipping industry, can be produced in a sustainable way, is easily stored Charting New Waters on board ships, and can provide a near-zero carbon intensity.Here at FOGHORN, we aim to stay on top of the latest newsand issues of importance to the passenger vessel industry.If theres something youd like to read about, but havent seen us cover yet, let us know. Were always interested in feedback from our readers. Contact our editor at sarah@passengervessel.com. We look forward to hearing from you. FOGHORN 42'