b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS Marine Learning Systems Wins Inaugural Ferry Open Innovation ChallengeI nmarsat, a leader in global, mobile satelliteinvited start-ups and SMEs to propose digitalmiliarizationtrainingfornewcrew,contin-communications,hasunveilede-learningsolutions that promise to enhance the workinguousregulationstraining,onboardsafety technologyandserviceproviderMarinelives of ferry crews.training,onboardcustomerservicestraining Learning Systems (MLS), a PVA member, asand the enrichment of crew leisure time. The thewinneroftheinauguralInmarsatFerryLaunchedinJanuary2022,thechallengewinningentrant,MarineLearningSystems, Open Innovation Challenge. The competitionsoughtentriesinfiveinnovationareas:fa- has secured a 10,000 cash grant to fund a proofofconceptforitsend-to-endseafarer training solution on board Attica Group ferry Superfast XI.Comprising the MarineLMS learning platform and SkillGrader assessment tool, the MLS pro-posal addresses four training-related challenge areas.Thesolutionimprovesfamiliarization for new crew members by supporting custom content and blended learning. It enables con-tinuous regulations training by offering crew easy access to course content and on-demand reporting.Itimprovescustomerservices training by providing interactive content on guidelines and procedures that can be updated at any time. Finally, MLS enhances safety with standardized exams to test crew knowledge of emergency procedures.Inmarsat Maritime Senior Vice President Peter Broadhurst said Marine Learning Systems is a worthy winner of the inaugural Ferry Open InnovationChallengeincrewtrainingand entertainment, proposing a solution that ad-dresses not one, but four of the five innovation challenge areas.MLS will use its secured funding to develop AtticaGroup-specifictrainingcontentand skill assessment forms, as well as dashboards andreportstargetingknowledgegapsand training effectiveness. All content and appli-cations will be accessible via mobile device or existing on-board computers, with Inmarsats Fleet Connect providing dedicated bandwidth to allow users to reach the MLS-configured re-mote training servers without interfering with vessel operations or crew communications.Murray Goldberg, founder and CEO, Marine Learning Systems said Were incredibly hon-ored and pleased to be chosen as the winner of Ferry Open Innovation Challenge. Marine Learning Systems is committed to advancing marinersafetyandperformancethrough technology that enables targeted, effective and measurable training.FOGHORN 40'