b'Continued from page 7:Letter from the Executive Directorguidelinestopreventpassengerslips-trip-and-falls or others, there is a member resource availabletoassistinalmosteverycorner ofpassengervesseloperations.Yet,these importantmemberprogramsdidnotjust appear overnight. They were developed with the input of PVA members who contributed their time and expertise to develop tools for all PVA members to use. These individuals volunteeredtoparticipateonstanding PVAcommitteesandworkinggroupsthat contribute to the common good. Have you considered volunteering for a PVA committee?Yourinvolvementisneededas our industry is continuously changing and thedemandformanagementandtraining resources is ever increasing. Participating as a PVA volunteer is not only productive, but is also extremely rewarding. As a volunteer, you will work closely with other PVA members andindoingsoyouwilldeveloplasting relationships. I heartily encourage you to get involved as a PVA volunteer. Please contact me at jgroundwater@passengervessel.com if you would like to discuss ways in which you can volunteer.Inthemeantime,pleaseletmeknow whenever we can be of assistance to you.Sincerely,John R. GroundwaterExecutive DirectorE X2 0B 1 9IWINNER37 APRIL 2022'