b'ing understanding of the ASP, then they will digA: No. You will need the 2017 fourth revisionA: The Coast Guard Marine Safety Centerfurther into the plan and ask more questions. to be compliant with the regulations. and PVA.If the Coast Guard asks the CSO or vessel/ Q: We sold a vessel that was enrolled in theQ: WhathappensiftheCoastGuardfindsfacility owner for a copy of the completed PVAPVA ASP, who do we need to tell? problems with our implementation of the ASP, politely decline and let them know theyA: The Coast Guard Marine Safety CenterPVA ASP? Can we be shut down? can examine the completed ASP at any timeand PVA. A: Operators should not be shut down, but during required inspections. their operations could be limited to no more Q: Can a facility alone use the PVA ASP? than 150 passengers depending on the risk 2022 ASP REVISION A: Yes. and severity of the deficiencies. If the Coast AlternateSecurityProgramsarerequiredtoGuard is threatening to shut down an opera-be updated and renewed every five years. TheQ:We changed our company security officer,tion, please contact Eric Christensen at PVA CoastGuardapprovedthefourthrevisionwho needs to know? at echristensen@passengervessel.com.of the PVA ASP on Sept. 12, 2017. The fifth revision of the program is underway and will address the following areas:Mandate cyber security assessments Add TWIC reader requirements asapplicableAdd seafarer access requirements Public Tickets & Clean up any editorial concerns identifiedPrivate Charters in the last five years .together at lastEstablish PVA member responsibilities to implement the fifth revision of the PVA ASP EFFORTLESSEFFORTLESSIn revising the PVA ASP we kept changes toRESERVATIONS CONTRACTSa minimum and only added items that were+ TICKETING for Private Chartersrequired by Coast Guard regulation or policy.for Public Cruises and Group BookingsOnce the fifth revision is approved, we will get it out to the membership with instructions on how to implement it. Integrated online,Custom PDF contracts phone and walk-upwith fully-trackable PVA RESOURCES bookings versioningResources to assist PVA members with secu-rityrelatedrequirementsarelocatedintheAutomated conrmation,Support for private Member Download area of the PVA website.reminder and follow-upcharters, schools and A login and password are required to access theemails tour groupsMemberResourcessection.Manymembers have already created login credentials. Some ofMarketing and SearchDetailed reports for the available resources include: Engine Optimizationevent planning and (SEO) nancial trackingCyber guidancebest practices Cyber assessment form Personalized set-up,Resource tracking for training and support included multi-use inventory Revised vessel and dock assessment formSecurity drill and exercise templates PVA is currently working with the Department of Homeland Security and the TransportationManage your entire Security Administration on additional trainingbusiness from a single, and resources including cyber security. integrated platformFAQSQ:My company is using the 2007 revision ofSCHEDULE A DEMOthe ASP. Is that okay? WWW.STARBOARDSUITE.COM35 APRIL 2022'