b'c. Gyro compass or other means to c. Other; please specify; or situations where retrofitting a vessel with suchdetermine a vessels heading by vessel-equipment may not be possible? If so, why and borne non-magnetic means and d. No back-up arrangement required. what vessel type?transmit heading information;QUESTION 10 QUESTION 12Bd. Marine radar; Does your vessel have backup power capabili- If the additional ENC equipment would re-ty? Should an ECS be connected to a backupquire updates to your vessels electrical system, e.Magnetic compass; or power supply separate and independent fromplease provide an estimate of the expected costs the primary system? What would be the costto the vessel owner. If you cannot provide a f.Voyage data recorder or simplified of installing a backup source? For the purposecost estimate, what type of technician would voyage data recorder. of understanding your response, please includeperform the update to the electrical system and the type and size of the vessel for which you arehow long do you estimate that would take? QUESTION 9 providing your response.Would the vessel need to be docked or out of WhenavesselisreliantonENCorIENCservice for any of the modifications described charts, should the Coast Guard require the fol- QUESTION 12Ain this question? If so, for how long? Please in-lowing back-up arrangements?If your vessel lacks the navigational equipmentdicate the type of vessel in your response. necessary to use and display ENC charts, what a. An equivalent system to that being is your vessel type, what equipment are youQUESTION 16 used to view electronic charts as thecurrently lacking, and what would be the es- Are there additional measures that should be primary means, connected to a powertimated cost of procuring and installing thisconsidered to relieve an economic burden if supply separate and independent equipment?Pleaseletusknowwhowouldthe Coast Guard were to issue a rule to estab-from the primary system; procure and set up the equipment, and providelish electronic chart and navigational equip-an estimate for how long these processes wouldment carriage requirements? What would you b. A non-equivalent ECS meeting a take. Will your company be able to use existingconsider to be the expected costs and associat- recognized standard, connected to vessel or shoreside maintenance personnel, ored benefits of the additional measures? Please a power supply and independent will an outside marine electrician contractorprovide the data and calculations for the deter-from the primary system; or other technician have to be hired? Are theremination of such costs and/or benefits. RefitandRepairUnder ConstructionCourtesy of Seacraft Design NEEBISH ISLANDER IIIQuality Commercial Vessels.Built by Burger to Your RequirementsBurger is recognized worldwide for quality custom vessels that provide years of dependable service. Aluminum and Steel Fabrication Refit and Repair ServicesPassenger Vessels- Hull Plate Replacement +1 920.686.5117Water Taxis- Exterior and Interior Coatings sales@burgerboat.com Wind Farm Support Vessels- Engine and Generator RepowersRecent Launch selburgerboatcommercial.com98 Steel Passenger VesCrew Supply Vessels- All Vessel System Repairs Other Vessels to 260 (80m) - Interior Refresh Proudly built in the USA33 APRIL 2022'