b'dont know the cause of the fire, the lithium-ion batteries fueledYou may ask why does this matter? Heres an answer from the Inter-the fire, which burned for days and made it harder to extinguish.national Maritime Organization (IMO): There is ample evidence that FOGHORN FOCUS investing in women is the most effective way to lift communities, compa- Autonomous vessels. Hyundai tested an autonomous, 12-passengernies, and even countries. Countries with more gender equality have bettercruise ship last summer. Shortly after, the first all-electric autono- economic growth. Companies with more women leaders perform better.mous cargo vessel made a brief maiden voyage in Norway. Innovation is great, but we have to ensure that safety remains the top priority.Its phenomenal PVA has a strong leader in Colleen Stephens! At the same time, we all know women are under-represented in many transportation Congestion on our waterways ismodes,includingthisone.Accordingto getting worse. Not only did recre- IMO data, women represent only 1.2% of ational boat sales skyrocket duringThe most importantthe global seafarer workforce. While this the pandemic, boating and fishingrepresents an increase from 2015, its not was the category that contributedthing you can do tonearly enough.the most to the outdoor recreation economy in 2020. All of this makessave lives: Implement aOf course, diversity is much broader than the waterways study I mentioned ear- gender.Unacceptabledisparitiesexist lier, and its safety recommendations,comprehensive safetyalong lines of race, ethnicity, socio-eco-especially relevant.nomic status, and disability status in near-management system. ly every aspect of society. This includes The third and final piece to the missiontransportation and safety. first puzzle is all about our values. For NTSB, these values include diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibil- One way NTSB is working to move the needle on our shared values is ity. Were striving to live these valuesnot just inside our walls as ato start thinking differently, which is only possible by inviting different workplace, but as a public agency whose work affects safety worldwide.voices to the table. Thats why well soon kick off a series of Safety Sum-Simply put, were striving to put the mission first for everyone.mits, organized by mode, to hear from your perspective what more we can do to be mission first. PVA will be invited. The tentative date is One aspect of diversity Im always conscious of when Im introduced toMay 19, which, Ill note, follows the International Day for Women in speak is that Im only the fourth woman to lead NTSB since it began.Maritime on May 18. IMPROVE YOUR OPERATIONSIMPROVE YOUR OPERATIONSAutomatic intercep eptor trim tab systems.Automatic interc tor trim tab systems.Your new fuel saver.Your new fuel saver.Our ACTIVE interceptor system lowers roll and slamming by up to 50%. It also Our ACTIVE interceptor system lowers roll and slamming by reduces resistance. That means lower up to 50%. It also reduces resistance. That means lower fuelfuel consumption and less CO emissions. consumption and less CO emissions. Easy to install, easy toBENEFITSEasy to inste. Premy to operaology emiumBENEFITSoperatall, easium technte. Prat a ordable pricing.IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY, UP TO 25% technology at affordable pricing. IMPROVED FUEL ECONOMY, UP TO 25%Made of composite materials for corrosion resistance and optimum perfor- FASTER ACCELERATIONFASTER ACCELERATIONMade of composite materials for corrosion resist trice and optimumIMPROVED VISIBILITY AND SPEED mance, Humphree Interceptor tabs are elec anc powered (12 or 24 volt) IMPROVED VISIBILITY AND SPEEDperformance, Humphre an transom ins abs are electric powered (12 or 24 volt)LESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTand made for a cle e Interceptor t tallation with no aft overhang to contend and made for a clean transom installation with no aft overhang to contend withLESS ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTwith around docks or gear. For any commercial Vessel, 25 feet and up. UP TO 50% LESS ROLL MOTIONSaround docks or gear. For any commercial Vessel, 25 feet and up. UP TO 50% LESS ROLL MOTIONSHUMPHREE CONTACTS HUMPHREE CONTACTSSean BerriePhone: 757 374 9435Brett MarshallPhone: 757 374 9720 Sean Berrie Phone: 757 374 9435Brett Marshall Phone: 757 374 9720 www.humphree.comHumphree USA Inc205-114 First Colonial RoadVirginia Beach, VA 23454FOGHORN 20'