b'FerryElectrification System ComponentsFerryElectrification System ComponentsShoreside Improvements Vessel ImprovementsShoreside Improvements Vessel ImprovementsExistingPower Grid Terminal PowerExisting Grid-Terminal Conversion Rapid ChargingPower Grid Distribution Terminal PowerTerminal System (RCS)Grid-Terminal ConversionSlip Distribution Rapid ChargingDistribution Terminal System (RCS)GridSlip DistributionConnection TerminalGridShipboard SystemsConnection TerminalShipboard Systemscreases the peak power demand. Alternately, shoreside batteries can beoperations and to maximize the time available for charging. These sys-used to reduce the peak demand and stabilize the energy flow, both oftems, generally referred to as Rapid Charging Systems (RCS) need to which are very desirable from the utilitys perspective. If a shoreside bat- accommodate the range of tides and vessels motions seen at the operat-tery bank is used, the demand on the grid can be constant throughouting slip. Most systems have an active element mounted at the slip and a the operating day and any significant changes can be made gradually, giv- matching receptacle on the ferry. However, the unique requirements of ing the grid management system time to adapt without risk of damagingsome systems will require the active element to be mounted on the vessel. other connected devices or equipment. The electrical equipment needed to manage the power supply from the grid and get power to the slip includes transformers, inverters, circuit breakers, and monitoring, control, and alarm systems. This equipment is required to change the line voltage, convert from AC to DC, and ensure the safety of the system. If shoreside batteries are used, additional trans-formers, power management and safety systems are required, including an integrated fire detection, alarm, and extinguishing system.If a shoreside battery bank isused, the demand on the gridcan be constant throughout theLET ASSUREDPARTNERS MCM MANAGEYOUR INSURANCE SO YOU CANoperating day and any significantFOCUS ON YOUR VOYAGEchanges can be made gradually AssuredPartners MCM is a leading independent insurance brokerage based in the Pacic Northwest. Our All this equipment needs to be in the general vicinity of the operating slipcombined experience placing insurance and managing but not necessarily adjacent to it. For a plug-in ferry operation using a 40the marine industrys unique risks.container BESS, the enclosure will require approximately 2,200 squareWhether were working with vessel operators, builders, feet. Depending on the local utility, power from the grid to the terminal equipment can be provided by either overhead lines or an underground duct bank, but power and control lines between the equipment and the ILLUSTRATION COURTESY OF KPFFoperating slip generally will be run through underground duct banks toAssuredPartners MCMimprove reliability. Contact: Damon L. NasmanDirect Line: 206.262.6375GETTING POWER TO THE FERRY Damon.Nasman@assuredpartners.comOn routes with short dwell times and high energy demands, the use ofwww.assuredpartnersmcm.comautomated or semi-automated plug-in systems will be required for safe 9 MARCH 2022'