b'MEMBER NEWSPublic Tickets &PVA Urges Private Charters .together at last CDC to Lift Mask Mandate EFFORTLESSEFFORTLESSRESERVATIONS CONTRACTS for Passenger + TICKETING for Private Charters Vfor Public Cruises and Group Bookings esselsIntegrated online,Custom PDF contracts phone and walk-upwith fully-trackableO nMarch21,2022,PVAPresident bookings versioning Bob Bijur urged the U.S. Centers for Automated conrmation,Support for privateDiseaseControlandPreventionto reminder and follow-upcharters, schools andimmediatelyeliminateitscurrentOrderfor emails tour groups persons to wear masks while in interior spaces of U.S. passenger vessels. He started, It is time right now for the Centers for Disease Control Marketing and SearchDetailed reports forand Prevention (CDC) to remove completely Engine Optimizationevent planning andits Order requiring the wearing of masks by (SEO) nancial tracking person on U.S. passenger vessels. The Passen-ger Vessel Association (PVA) urges immediate Personalized set-up,Resource tracking foraction to do away with the Order with respect training and supportmulti-use inventory to passenger vessels.includedThelettercontinues:ThecurrentCDC Orderforconveyancesallowspersonson open-airdecksofpassengervesselstogo mask-free. Persons actively engaged in eating Manage your entireordrinkingininteriorspacesofpassenger business from a single,vesselscanremovetheirmaskstemporarily. Despite these exceptions, the remaining mask integrated platform mandate for passengers is resented and resisted by most individuals who come on board PVA SCHEDULE A DEMO member vessels. When crew members remind WWW.STARBOARDSUITE.COM passengersoftheCDCmaskrequirement, they are met with refusal, resistance, and, not infrequently,outrighthostility.Widespread non-compliancewiththeruleisthenorm, despite best efforts of vessel operators. Mem-bers of the public dont understand why they Charting New Water encounter a mask requirement on passenger vessels when no such mandate exists in other aspects of their daily lives.A copy of the PVA Presidents letter can be Here at FOGHORN, we aim to stay on top of the latest news andviewed here.issues of importance to the passenger vessel industry.If theres something youd like to read about, but havent seen us cover yet, let us know. Were always interested in hearing from our readers. Contact our editor at sarah@passengervessel.com. We look forward to hearing from you. FOGHORN 38'