b'MEMBER NEWSMEMBER NEWS Shipyards Invitedto Bid on New Casco Bay FerryP VA member Casco Bay Island Transit District has issued a notice to shipyards for bids to build their new ferry that will replace the Machigonne II which services Peaks Island. The vessel, designed by Elliott Bay Design Group, will be equipped with a diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system from ABB. Both companies are PVA members. The propulsionsystemwilleliminateupto800 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually, and will create a better rider and community expe-rience with reduced exhaust fumes and engine noise and vibrations. Sealed bids can be submitted until 1 p.m. on April 20, 2022. For general information regarding bdding and contracting procedures or for project specific information, contact Paul D. Pottle, Director of Projects at 207-774-7871 ext. 119 or email atpaulp@cascobaylines.com.Questionsre-ceived after 2 p.m. on April 8, 2022 will notAdministrations(FTA)PassengerFerrysengers and 35,000 vehicles annually. Typically, be answered.Grants. This money will be used to replace thepassenger vessels have a life of approximately aging Maquoit II with a new ferry featuring a30 years. While they can still be utilized safely SECOND NEW VESSEL PLANNED diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system.beyond that point, repairs and maintenance becomeprohibitivelyexpensive.CascoBay InFebruary,CascoBaywasawarded$3.6Casco Bay Lines ferries operate year-round,Lines identified the need to replace two ves-million in funding from the Federal Transittransportingmorethanonemillionpas- selsinlong-termplanning.Aftersecuring funding to replace the Machigonne II, efforts shiftedtofundingthesecondnecessary vessel replacement.The Maquoit II, an indispensable vessel in the transit district fleet, will soon reach the end of its useful life. The ferry serves as a lifeline for five unbridged islands, carrying passengers and freight nearly 50 miles each day to the farthest reaches of the service area. Equipped with a ILLUSTRATION COURTESY OF ELLIOT BAY DESIGN GROUPheavy-duty crane, it is also the transit districts primary freight-carrying vessel.RELIABLE POWER FOR AIthasbeenourhope,sincewebeganthe significant undertaking of replacing these two DEMANDING SCHEDULE aging vessels, that we would have the oppor-Your business cant compromise when it comes totunitytoutilizethistechnologyandreduce maintaining a demanding schedule. Thats whyour climate impact in a meaningful way, said customers count on reliable John Deere PowerTechHankBerg,GeneralManagerofCascoBay marine engines. With high torque and low-rated rpm,Lines. This grant award makes it possible to John Deere engines deliver dependable power and quiet operation. double-down on our efforts.Full power range of marine engines 60 to 559 kw (80 to 750 hp) The design phase of the Maquoit II replace-ment project is expected to begin later this year. JohnDeere.com/MarineFOGHORN 30'