b'FOGHORN FOCUSlighting, bulk-packaged consumables as much as possible, have water bottle refill stations, avoid the use of Styrofoam, have sea water toilets (all waste water is stored and pumped out for reprocessing), and oil recycling. They also have a solar array to trickle charge their batteries and operate their navigational and comm equipment.Yankee Freedom IIIs efforts extend beyond the vesselandshore-sidefacilities,includingthe routes they take to and from the island. They avoidspawningandturtlenestingactivities based on their captains deep local knowledge ofthearea.Theyprovideeducational instructiontotheirguestsaboutprotecting the coral and marine life while snorkeling and teach them about the nesting bird populations in Dry Tortugas National Park.ThecompanyhasachievedenvironmentalFrom top: Yankee Freedom III introduces guests to the marine life within the Dry Tortugas National Park; ISO certifications (14001:2015 EnvironmentalAmerican Glory, one of the first two vessels of American Cruise Lines hybrid catamaran Project Blue fleetManagement,46001:2019WaterEfficiency, 50001:2019 Energy) based on their extensive PHOTOS COURTESY OF YANKEE FREEDOM III AND AMERICAN CRUISE LINESecologically-focused efforts. They found thatvinyl wrap as an alternative to painting thetheyplanvacationsandoutings.People certification for them was largely a process ofentire vessel. This resulted in a cost savings inwant to feel they are taking part in an eco-documenting the procedures they already hadfuel as the weight of the vessel had decreasedfriendly experience and they look to support in place, monitoring them, and looking forby approximately one ton. Changes like thisbusinesseswhosepoliciesandbeliefsalign ways to improve with specific goals to shootcan lead to savings in both cost and improvewith their own. Guests feel more connected for. It demonstrates to both visitors and thethe companys sustainable impact. Switchingtocompanieswhodemonstratetheyare national park that their company is dedicatedto LED lighting is more expensive initially,loweringtheirenvironmentalimpactand to protecting the environment they operate in. but has lead to a difference in generator loads,working to protect and sustain nature.fuelefficiency,andsavesonmaintenance The benefits of investments in environmentalcosts. As Terry Strickland at Yankee FreedomAboard American Cruise Lines, guests have initiativesoftenhelpbothnatureandtheIIInoted,Manyeco-friendlyoptionsareshown a great deal of interest in the locally-business.Moreefficientengineshavenotmoreexpensive,butweliveandworkinsourced aspect of the culinary programs. They only led to fuel and cost savings, but have alsoaplacewheretheyhavealwaysbeentheappreciateknowingfishwascaughtearlier resulted in significant reduction in acoustics,right choice. that day or only the day before and is supplied vibrations, and emissions over the years. Thisbyalocalvendor.Workingwithnearby creates a experience and environment for ourEveryone I spoke with mentioned passengercommunities and vendors has reduced waste, customers, employees, and aquatic life. Bulk- interest in their companys green initiatives.transportationcosts,andenvironmental packaged consumables often cost less, as wellAwareness for and interest in protecting thedamage associated with transporting food. Its as being more eco-friendly. On some of theenvironment is increasing and sustainabilitystrengthened the ties to the community and Catalina Express fleet, they have utilized aplaysakeyroleincustomersmindsastheir support and advocacy for what ACL does. FOGHORN 14'