b'In either case, the mooring slip and hardware need to be designed suchro-emission ferry operations. Working with the utility providers, opti-FOGHORN FOCUS that the vessel comes to rest in the same location on each arrival so themizing shoreside electrical equipment, and using the right automated automated system can make the connection quickly. charging system can mitigate some of the challenges experienced when electrifying a ferry system.Depending on the operating slip configuration, these systems can be mounted at the bow, forward quarter, or side of the vessel. Many com-mercial RCSs have been developed and include systems that would work with RO/RO vehicle ferries, as well as bow- and side-loading passenger ferries. Whichever charging system is used, it will need a support struc-ture designed to fit the unique slip arrangement and operating condi-tions of the terminal.MITIGATING THE CONSTRUCTION IMPACTSInstalling the power management equipment, BESS, cabling, RCS, and all of the associated infrastructure can be a major construction effort andAbout the Author it has the potential to disrupt ferry operations, particularly at terminalsANDY BENNETTwith only one operating slip. The electrical equipment will undoubtedlyPRINCIPAL, KPFFdisplace parking or other terminal functions, duct banks will cross vehi-cle lanes, and installation of the RCS and its foundation could require aAndyBennett,PE,isaprincipalatKPFFandanMIT-slip closure. Development of the charging system design needs to includetrained naval architect with a graduate degree in Coastal Zone consideration of construction sequencing and phasing to take advantageManagement. He has over 30 years of experience that includes of off-peak seasons or overnights to minimize the impact on ferry users. mostmajorferrysystemsinNorthAmerica.Andysbroad background helps him facilitate the communication between Designing and installing all the shoreside infrastructure necessary foroperators, engineers, contractors, stakeholders, and the general plug-in electric or hybrid ferries can be expensive, but providing anpublic necessary for successful project delivery.appropriately-sized shore charging system is the only way to get to ze-DeJong & Lebet, Inc.ExperienceNaval ArchitectsMarine EngineersWhen YouConsultantsSurveyorsNeed It. 71 Sea Island Explorer140 Odyssey Chicago Riverwww.dejongandlebet.com1734 Emerson Street, Jacksonville, FL 32207(904) 399-3673 info@dejongandlebet.comFOGHORN 10'