b'2021_GH-Interferry_Foghorn.pdf 9 3/4/21 2:36 PMincrease in revenue after implementing the technology. We are testing it nowstay tuned for our progress and efficacy report.GOOGLE AD STRATEGIESTargeted new Google Ad Strategies to capture morecustomers and build awareness of your brandDid you know you can provide a list of customers to Google to find more prospects that look like your customers? This strategy used to be called custom affinity and is now referred to as custom intent. CustomerCMatch lets you use your online and offline first-party data to reach and re-engage with your customers across Search, the Shopping tab, Gmail,MYouTube, and Display by using information that your customers haveYshared with you. Customer Match will target ads to those customers andCMother prospects with similar behaviors.MYCY ALL OTHER FERRIESAI adopters cited a six to tenCMYpercent increase in revenue afterK ARE MISSING implementing the technology.ONE VERY IMPORTANT PART.OUR NAME. While Customer Match is not a new tool from Google, it is a useful advertising tool from increasing brand awareness to driving conversions.gladding-hearn.comHere are a few examples of different audiences you can target with Customer Match: GLADDING-HEARNSHIPBUILDING On the Search Network and the Shopping tab, you can optimizeDuclos Corporation your campaigns by adjusting your bid based on what you know about your customers activities On Gmail, you can reach your customers or new potentialcustomers with similar interests using personalized ads at the top of their inbox tabs On YouTube, you can reach new segments by targeting segmentssimilar to your most valuable customers On Display, you can reach your customers or new potentialcustomers with similar interests using personalized ads on theLET ASSUREDPARTNERS MCM MANAGEGoogle Display Network YOUR INSURANCE SO YOU CANDoesitwork?Accordingtostudies,thematchstatsareabout FOCUS ON YOUR VOYAGE50.4 percent accurate and ads convert the highest with almost 15 percentAssuredPartners MCM is a leading independent for Customer Match audiences compared to around five and a halfinsurance brokerage based in the Pacic Northwest. Our percent for the new visitor audiences. This is almost three times the conversion rate. combined experience placing insurance and managing the marine industrys unique risks.CUSTOM SEGMENTS Whether were working with vessel operators, builders, Did you know you can add the domains for yourcompetitors to pull prospective traffic to your business? This is called custom segments.AssuredPartners MCMCustomsegmentshelpyoureachyouridealaudiencebyenteringContact: Damon L. Nasmanrelevant keywords, URLs (domains), and apps. Direct Line: 206.262.6375Damon.Nasman@assuredpartners.comYou can set up a custom segment in your Display, Discovery, Gmail, and Video campaigns by adding specific keywords, URLs, and apps related towww.assuredpartnersmcm.comyour product or service. Google Ads will review these additions to ensure 9 JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2022'