b'LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTORSigns of TravelAT THE HELMReboundingJOHN GROUNDWATER // EXECUTIVE DIRECTORP VAmembers,acrossavarietyofindustrysegments,haveSpecial thanks must go out to our loyal PVA Associate members who reportedanimprovingbusinessclimateascustomersaresponsored these virtual region meetings:beginning to venture out after nearly two years of coping with the eff ects of the coronavirus pandemic. This month, there have beenAll Region Sponsorsreports of crowded airports and airplanes as we approach the timeBAE Systemsfor holiday travel. This is certainly good news for passenger vesselGPLINKoperators, as it is an important step forward as the industry beginsRobinson & Son LLCthelongprocessofreachingpre-pandemicbusinessconditions.RocketRezFortunately,emergencyfundingprograms,suchasthePaycheckRolls Royce Solutions America, Inc. mtu-Branded ProductsProtectionProgram(PPP),theCoronavirusEconomicRelieffor TransportationServices(CERTS)Program,andtheRestaurantOriginal Colonies/Southeast Region Meeting SponsorsRevitalization Fund (RRF)all programs for which PVA lobbied Bell Power Systemsprovidedneededfi nancialladdersforPVAmemberstobeginthisCumminslong climb.Gladding-Hearn ShipbuildingMetal SharkRecognizingthatreachingfi stabilityislikelyamulti-yearMilton CAT nancial process for the passenger vessel industry, PVA is actively lobbying Thrive Paymentswith its partners in the U.S. transportation industryfor an additional round of funding for the CERTS program in 2022. Congress providedWestern Meeting Sponsor$2billionfortheCERTSprogramtodate.TreasuryDepartmentMarine Groups Boat Worksofficials have identifi ed more than $8 billion in losses by program applicants across the passenger vessel, motorcoach, school bus, andRivers/Great Lakes Meeting Sponsorsmarinepilotindustries.Asaresult,we,alongwithourpartners,Bell Power Systemshave asked Congress for an additional $6 billion in CERTS programStar Line Mackinac Island Ferryfunding for 2022. We are hopeful that Congress will recognize the need for continuing emergency funding of this kind.We plan to hold face-to-face region meetings next fall and I hope that you will choose to attend.In addition, PVA is urging Congress to make the CERTS program non-taxable as it has for the PPP and the RRF. We will keep you postedPVA ANNUAL CONVENTION AT MARITRENDS 2022 IS A GO!as our work on this issue progresses.In the meantime, planning is well underway for an in-person PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2022, Feb. 5-8, 2022, in Long While PVA members have reported making progress on improvingBeach, CA. The PVA Board of Directors has stressed the importance business conditions, the United States has announced the opening ofof conducting the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2022 in its borders to vaccinated international travelers. This change went intoperson and we are working on a program and activities that will be eff ect on Nov. 8, thus changing restrictions that had been in place forsecond to none.many months. Under the new rule, non-U.S. citizens will be allowed to travel to the United States provided that they can show proof ofMARITRENDS 2022 CALL FOR PRESENTATIONSfullvaccination,alongwithanegativeCOVID-19testresultorWE WANT YOUR EXPERTISEdocumentation of recovery from COVID-19. This is certainly goodIfyouareaPVAVesselmember,aPVAAssociatemember,ora news for all involved in the travel and tourism industry as the U.S.government representative, we would like you to become involved Department of Commerce has estimated that arrivals of travelers fromin the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2022 as a speaker. overseas declined between 77 percent and nearly 87 percent in 2020. The strength of PVAs convention is rooted in the knowledge and expertise that is passed along to attendees through thought-provoking PVA VIRTUAL REGION MEETINGS A SUCCESS presentationsandroundtablediscussions.Weencouragespeakers While PVA was looking forward to holding its fall line-up of regionto present how-to topics that attendees can efficiently use in their meetings in person, concerns about COVID-19 and low attendancebusinessesandmaketheirpresentationsinteractivetoencourage unfortunately forced a decision to hold these meetings virtually. Butactive discussions. there is a silver-lining: attendance at these virtual meetings was very strong and PVA members actively participated in numerous roundtableClick here to register as a speaker. discussions covering a wide range of timely topics. Continued on page 39NOVEMBER 2021 7'