b'NEWSWIRE:New Transportation Law Includes Ferry ProgramsO n Monday, Nov. 15, President Bidentotalroute-miles). Forthefirsttime,grantA new program is created to provide grants to signedintolawthehotly-debatedfundscanbeusedforoperatingexpenses,ferry systems that put into service new vessels andlong-delayedTransportationnot just capital costs.The base funding levelor repower existing vessels with electric or low-Infrastructure Legislation.The official nameisincreasedfromthecurrent$80millionemissionstechnologies. Itisfundedat$50 ofPublicLaw117-58istheInfrastructuremillion per year.Investment and Jobs Act.Click here to seeFor the first time, a copy (all 1,039 pages of it!).It will guideAnothernewprogramtoassistessentialrural and fund the nations various transportationgrant funds can beferryserviceisfundedat$200millionper policy programs for the next five years. used for operatingyear.However,thedefinitionofaneligible system is very restrictivethe system must have Severalprovisionsdealwithtransportationexpenses, not justat least one route that serves locations that are 50 by ferries. capital costs. sailing miles apart.The existing Federal Highway AdministrationTheFederalTransitAdministrationssection Ferry Grant Program for publicly-owned andper year to $110 million in fiscal 2022 (with5307UrbanAreaFormulaGrantsprogramis publicly-operatedferriesiscontinued. Theanadditional$2millionincreaseeachyearauthorized at $33.5 billion over five years and fundingformulaforallocatingthegrantsthereafter).However, an additional section ofitssection5311RuralAreaFormulaGrants remains unchanged (factors include passengersthe law appears to provide $342 million perprogram at $4.6 billion.Public ferry systems are carriedyearly,vehiclescarriedyearly,andyear on top of the base authorization. eligible to obtain funds under these programs.KEEPING BAY AREA FLEETS IN SERVICE FOR OVER 40 YEARSBay Ship and Yacht makes it a priority to per-form on-time, quality service for all vessels. We are a full service shipyard cosistently serving Al- 5 1 0 . 3 3 7 . 9 1 2 2 ameda, San Francisco Bay, the west coast andwww.bay-ship.com the worlds maritime industry for over 40 years. A l a m e d a , C ANOVEMBER 2021 41 NEWSWIRE'