b'LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENTBuilding Back AT THE HELM TogetherCOLLEEN STEPHENS // PRESIDENTT hank you to everyone who participated in the virtual RegionWORKFORCE AVAILABILITYMeetings. The information and advice shared during the member- Across the board, all industries are currently working to recruit employees and to-member roundtables were benefi cial, but also allowed us tofi ll the positions required to meet demand. PVA members, vessel operators, know that we are not alone as we manage operational challenges. and associates have had to modify schedules and production based on staffing levels. As we all know, a strong team that is willing to represent our brands and The featured topic of the November FOGHORN, customer service, isproducts is the base to a quality guest experience. PVA members shared the appropriately timed relative to the conversations at the Region Meetingsfollowing ideas on how they are adapting their operations to ensure that they and to the discussions taking place in most of our offices around thecan maintain their current coworkers and work to recruit new:country. Prior to 2020, if we surveyed our members the largest challenges associated with guest hospitality more than likely would have focused Defi ning creative ways to reward core and current team members on proper training, monitoring coworker performance, or managing theto show appreciation such as providing additional training, company interface of technology with guest and staffinteractions. If you askedgatherings, or off ering unique schedules based on family needs that questions today, almost two years into a global pandemic, I believe youwouldheardrasticallydiff erentconcerns Creatingownership through participation in focusingontheavailabilityofsupplies,parts,creatingtrainingprogramsordevelopingsafety and the workforce needed to operate. programs or the companys Safety Management The informationSystem. Including all employees in the process Thelargestchallengeweareallexperiencingand advice sharedwill ideally give them a sense of connection and withtodayshumanresourceandsupplyincrease longevity. paradigm is that unlike training and coworkerallowed us to know performance, we have little infl uence or control. Having management work alongside Therefore,thepossiblenegativeimpactsonthat we are notteam members to foster appreciation ourclientsaremorechallengingtopredictalone as we manageand understanding of all positions. and manage. operational challenges.Creating benefi ts for new hires ranging from SUPPLY CHAIN CHALLENGEStravel incentives to opportunities for advancement AND ADJUSTMENTS and training.Over the past year, the majority of PVA members haveexperiencedlongleadtimeswhenorderingpartsorsupplies, Adapting operations budgets, if there is fl exibility, to change employee shipping delays, substitutions or outing of essential food or service items, benefi t packages, incentives, and recruitment marketing.and, at times, an entire weeks worth of supplies not being delivered at all. The impact on our guests and ridership included last-minute menu Recruiting and hiring staffearlier for seasonal operators.changes, delays in departures, or canceled routes. Supply networks are not expected to improve anytime soon and there is no golden ticket solutionDuring the virtual roundtable discussions, we all realized that there is not a for all of us to implement, however we heard the following suggestions atclear or easy solution to any of these challenges to customer service. However, the Region Meetings between members: due to open sharing between members, I believe we all had new ideas to consider and implement at the end of the day. Strengthen your supplier relationships so that when the need to puton pressure or push a deadline arises they already understand yourI look forward to continuing to discuss the issues important to our industrybusiness and needs. Feb. 5-8, 2022, at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2022. PVA iscommittedtohostingasafe,in-personmeetingandtradeshowthisDiversify your supplier base. In the past you may have been able toFebruary in Long Beach, CA. Please be sure to register early to attend theoperate with a sole-source vendor, but today you should considerrestartofPVAsin-persongatherings.Registrationforassociatesbegandividing your purchasing so you have back-up options.on November 10 and will open to all members shortly. If you have questions about the event, monitor the event page on our site or contact aLook to creative nontraditional sources. The example given was thePVA staffor board member at any time.use of a salvage yard for spare parts instead of a traditional vendor.See you in Long Beach!Develop networks between vessel operators who have similarmachinery to share inventory knowledge for emergency situations.Plan, plan, and plan. Expand the inventories of parts and supplies onColleen Stephens, hand, order in advance, and replace immediately. PresidentLETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT 4 FOGHORN'