b'Continued from page 7: Letter from the Executive Director PVA WELCOMES MARITRENDS 2022 EXHIBIT BOOTHS ON SALENO PRICE INCREASENEW MEMBERThismonth,MariTrends2022exhibit boothswentonsaleanddemandhas beenstrong.Webelievethatthisbodes wellforourin-personMariTrends2022PORTLAND SCHOONER COMPANYconvention, and we appreciate the support of our loyal PVA Associate members.ANNE DRADDYPortland, MaineClickheretoviewthefl planwww.portlandschooner.com oor andpurchaseyourMariTrends2022 exhibit booth.If you know of an organization that may benefi t from membership in PVA,please have them learn more at passengervessel.com/#joinPURCHASE YOUR MARITRENDS 2022 EXHIBIT BOOTH AT THE BEST VALUEABundledMembershipoff ersdiscounts onmembership,advertising,andona MariTrends2022exhibitbooth.These plans are designed to provide your business withacompleteannualplanwhich coversyouradvertisingandmarketing objectivesallyearlong.Thisisagreat resourceforsmallcompanieswhowant aneasy-to-manageandproven-eff ective marketing system. Click here to view and purchase a Bundled Associate MembershipWe look forward to hosting you at the PVA Annual Convention at MariTrends 2022 in Long Beach, Calif. Inthemeantime,pleaseletmeknow whenever we can be of assistance to you.Sincerely,John R. GroundwaterExecutive Director Feb. 5-8, 2022. Long Beach, CA.LEARN MORE. NOVEMBER 2021 39 LETTERS FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR'