b'SAFETY MATTERS:The Quality Partnership SAFETYNew Faces, Same CommitmentERIC CHRISTENSEN // PVA DIRECTOR OF REGULATORY AFFAIRS & RISK MANAGEMENTT he PVA and U.S. Coast Guard Qualityto train marine inspectors and the relevance Leverage technology to enhance workforce Partnership(QP)metvirtuallyonof cyber security in the marine transportation competence and efficiency (You may have Oct. 5, 2021. RADM John Mauger hassystem. The Prevention Readiness Initiative is a noticed your local marine inspectors are using taken the reigns as the Coast Guards Assistantplan to improve the Coast Guards readiness in iPads loaded with all the regulations, Commandant for Prevention Policy, and he isthe areas of inspections, investigations, mariner guidance, and policy they could ask for.)eager to work with PVA on issues of mutualcredentialing,waterwaysmanagement,and concern,ashasbeendoneoverthelast25regulatory development. The initiative has aOne of the areas PVA has brought up in past QP years of the partnership. (See Pete Lauridsensthree-pronged approach: meetings is the practice of bringing several marine article in the October issue of FOGHORN.)inspectors-in-trainingonboardavesselduring RADM Mauger is no stranger to PVA. Our Improve profi ciency through blendeda routine inspection. While useful to the Coast participants,ledbyPVAPresidentColleen learning (computer-based training andGuard for training, it has a tendency to overwhelm Stephens,welcomedhimtotheQPand structured on-the-job training), the vessel crew and results in a longer inspection. committed to working together as the industryRADM Mauger and his staffmade a point to state recovers from the pandemic.Exercise good governance over thethat this practice will become less routine undermarine transportation system (Ethics,the new training program and that local marine COAST GUARD PRIORITIESrisk management, compliance, andinspector training officers will work with the vessel RADM Mauger laid out his priorities over the administration are all elements ofoperators to provide appropriate training venues.next two years. He discussed new initiatives governance.), andRADMMaugerreiteratedtheneedforthe domestic passenger vessel industry to be resilient tothethreatsposedbycybervulnerabilities. The Coast Guard is hiring additional resources to promote cyber security and aid operators in conducting exercises and evaluating the safety and security risks to their companies. A Navigation andVesselInspectionCircular(NVIC)isin developmenttoaddresscybersecurityforU.S. Flagvessels.PVAimpressedupontheCoast GuardthatmostPVAcompaniesoperateless technologically sophisticated vessels so the biggest cyber threats come down to fi nancial and customer information, which is not the area on which the CoastGuardisfocused.PVAoff eredtoassist the Coast Guard in identifying potential areas of cyber concern onboard domestic passenger vessels as development of the NVIC continues. PVA CHALLENGESPVAPresidentColleenStephensreportedto the Coast Guard leadership the state of the PVA membershipanddomesticpassengervessels ingeneral.Thepandemicrecoveryhasbeen inconsistentregionally.Manyoperatorsare experiencing pent up demand for services from customers, while others are just now reopening. Twoareasthatareconsistentthroughoutthe countyarealackofpotentialemployeesand supply chain issues. Many operators have had to limitpassengercapacitiesandevenoperateon SAFETY MATTERS 30 FOGHORN'